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The Great Controversy Ended
Burton, Barry  -  Let's Weigh the Evidence
Criswell, W. A.  -  In Defense of the Faith
Flynn, Leslie B.  -  Holy Controversies
Harris, Charles  -  Proofs of Christianity
Hunt, Dave  -  Beyond Sedution: A Return to Biblical Christianity
Knechtle, Cliffe  -  Give Me an Answer
Little, Paul E.  -  Know Why You Believe
                       -  Know What You Believe
McDowell, Josh  -  Evidence that Demands a Verdict
                           -  The Resurrection Factor
McDowell, Josh & McDowell, Sean  -  The Unshakable Truth
McDowell, Josh & Stewart, Don  -  Answers
                                                     -  Reasons
Metaxas, Eric - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About God
Pritchard, Ray - FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About the Christian Life
Strobel, Lee  -  The Case for Christ
                      - The Case for Faith  

Bible Study/ Devotional

Adeny, Carol ed.  -  This Morning with God Vol III
Arthur, Kay  -  Overcoming Fear & Discouragement
                    -  Choosing Victory & Overcoming Defeat
                     -  Teach Me Your Ways
Arthur, Kay & Huber, George - Discovering What the Future Holds
Barbour Books  -  The Bible Promise Book
Barclay, William  -  The Letter to the Romans
Barney, Kenneth D.  -  A Faith to Live By
Barrett, C. K. - Freedom & Obligation
Barrett, Ethel  -  Will the Real Phony Please Stand Up?
Baughman, Ray E.  -  The Abundant Life
Bayliss, Albert H.  -  On the Way to Jesus
Beall, James Lee - Laying the Foundation
Beers, V. Gilbert  -  The Discovery Bible Handbook
Berry, Jo  -  Proverbs for Easier Living
Boice, James Montgomery - The Sermon on the Mount
Bombay, Cal - A View From the Barn
                     -  The Nature of Wisdom
Briscoe, Jill - The One Year Book of Devotions for Women

Bruce, F. F. -  The Pauline Circle
Carleton, Anna Lee  -  Guidelines for Family Worship
Chambers, Oswald  -  Still Higher for His Highest
Colson, Charles  -  The One Year Devotions for People of Purpose

Copeland, Gloria - Connecting With God's Master Plan for Your Life
Cowman, Mrs. Charles E.  -  Springs in the Valley
                                          -  Streams in the Desert
Curtis, Brent - Guilt 
DeHann, Richard W.  -  Good News for Bad Times
Dick, Dan R. - Devotions for Dieters
Dobson, Dr. James & Shirley  -  Night Light
Draper, Edythe  -  Living Light
Duck, Daymond R.  -  Revelation: God's Word for The Biblically Inept 
Duncan, George  -  Every Day With Jesus
Eastman, Brett et al - Beginning Life Together
                                 - Growing to Be Like Christ 
Eims, LeRoy - What Every Christian Should Know About Growing
Epp, Theodore H.  -  Romans Vol III: Living By Faith
Everest, Quinton J. - Sermons from Isaiah
Ewert, David  -  The Church in a Pagan Society
Fagerstrom, Douglas L.  ed  -  Single to Single
Feucht, Oscar E.  -  Learning to Use Your Bible
Fishel, Kent M. & DeSelm, Joel D. - Break Through
Ford, Charles W.  -  Learning from Hebrews
Ford, W. Herschel - Sermons You Can Preach on John
Fox, Emmet - The Sermon on the Mount
Fromke, DeVern  -  Life's Ultimate Privilege
Graff, Mab  -  God Loves My Kitchen Best
Graham, Ruth Bell - Letters from Ruth's Attic
Griffith, Harry C. - Adventure in Discipleship 
Hammond, Emily V. -  The Golden Treasury of the Bible
Harlow, R. E.  & G. J.   -  Come and Dine
Hartman, Jack  -  How to Study the Bible
Hayford, Jack  -  The Finger of God
                        -  The Messiah in Stereo
                        -  The Greatest Word Ever Spoken: Jesus
Hess, Margaret  -  Esther: Courage in Crisis
Hill, Stephen L.  -  On Earth as it is in Heaven
Hillis, Don W. - John: The Gospel of Light and Life
Hunt, Gladys M. - The God Who Understands Me
Hybels, Bill  -  Freedom: Breaking the Chains that Bind You
Jay, Ruth Johnson  -  Devotions for the Family III
Jenkins, Jerry  -  Light on the Heavy
Johnson, Jan  -  Staying Sane in a Crazy World
Keller, W. Phillip - Mighty Man of Valor
Kunz, Marilyn & Schell, Catherine  -  Amos
LaHaye, Tim  -  How to Study the Bible for Yourself
Lamb, Bob - The Blood of Jesus a Foundation for Faith
Liefeld, Walter L. - New Testament Exposition
Lindsay, Gordon - Through the Bible Series (Various Vol 1-37)
Link, Mark - Decision
Lucado, Max  -  Books of Ezra and Nehemiah
                       - The Path to Greatness
                       - But Joy Comes in the Morning
                        - Romans
Mainse, David  -  The Blessing Book
                        -  New Direction Bible Reading Guide Vol I
                        -  New Direction Bible Reading Guide Vol II
Marshall, L. Howard - Luke: Historian and Theologian
McDowell, Josh  -  Guide to Understanding Your Bible
McLaughlin, Donna & Holland, Mary Ellen  -  The Way Home to the Father
McPherson, Miles  -  21 Jump Start Devotional
Mumford, Bob  -  15 Steps Out
                         -  The King and You
Murray, Andrew  -  Day by Day
                           -  The Believer's Secret of Holiness
Navigator Press  -  Bible Studies Handbook
                              - Matthew
Nee, Watchman  -  Not I But Christ
                            - Sit, Walk, Stand
Neighborhood Bible Studies: 1 John & James
Neighborhood Bible Studies: Mark
Neighborhood Bible Studies: They Met Jesus
Neighborhood Bible Studies: Hebrews
Offner, Hazel  -  The Fruit of the Spirit
Overton, James H. - Sermons from the Upper Room Chapel
Palma, Anthony D.  -  Truth: Antidote for Error
Palms, Roger C.  -  Bible Readings on Hope
Partow, Donna - Extracting the Precious from Nehemiah
                      - Extracting the Precious from Galations
                      - Extracting the Precious from 2 Corinthians
Paxon, Ruth - Life on the Highest Plane
Phillips, Bob - In Search of Bible Trivia
Plueddemann, Carol & Jim - Growing in Maturity: James
Purdie, Dr. J. E. - What We Believe
Rainey, Dennis & Barbara - Moments Together for Growing Closer to God
Reapsom, James & Martha - Growing Through Life's Challenges
Redding, David A.  -  The Miracles of Christ
Rice, Helen Steiner  -  Prayers and Meditations
Richards, Larry  -  The Great Adventure

Roels, Edwin D.  -  God Understands
Rosage, David E.  -  A Lenten Pilgrimmage
Rovin, Jeff - Facinating Facts from the Bible
Scott, Steven K. - The Greatest Words Ever Spoken
Seilley, Bishop Jim - A Year in the Now
Sper, David   -  How Can I be Filled with the Holy Spirit
                      -  Jesus Blueprint for Prayer
                      -  The Lord is my Shepherd
Spittler, Russell P. - The Church
                          - God the Father 
                            - The Corinthian Correspondence
Stedman, Ray C.  -  Adventuring Through  Matthew, Mark & Luke
                            -  Adventuring Through Joshua, Judges & Ruth
                            -  Adventuring Through Isaiah, Jeremiah & Lamentations
Stott, John - Sermon On the Mount
Swindoll, Charles  -  The Strength of an Exacting Passion
                             -  Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life 
                             - Jesus, Our Lord
                              -  A Man of Selfless Dedication : Moses
Tada, Joni Eareckson  -  Secret Strength
Torrey, R. A.  - How to Study the Bible
Varney, Dr. Tom - Loneliness
Veerman, Dave - How to Apply the Bible
Wangerin, Walter Jr. - The Book of Genesis
White, John Wesley  -  The Mysteries of the Kingdom
Wilcox, Anne - Your God, My God: A Woman's Workshop on Ruth
Wilkerson, David  -  Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth
Wilkinson, Bruce  -  Secrets of the Vine
                            -  The Prayer of Jabez
Winter, David  -  How to Walk With God
Wirt, Sherwood Eliot  -  A Thirst for God
NavPress - Philippians 
World Wide Publications  -  Discovery 2 
God So Loved the World that He Created Chocolate
Living Books : The Book of God's Promises
Day Unto Day Year One: Summer and Winter volumes

Biography/ Autobiography

Adams, Marie  - I Married a Monk
Adkins, Mike  -  A Man Called Norman
Andrew, Brother  -  God's Smuggler
Atkins, Susan  -  Child of Satan; Child of God
Aylward, Gladyse - The Little Woman
Baedeker, Dr. Fredrick & Underwood, Horace  -  Heroes of the Cross
Bailey, Faith Coxe  -  Adoniram Judson: America's First Foreign Missionary
                              - George Mueller: He Dare to Trust God for the Needs of Countless Orphans
Baker, H.A.  -  Plains of Glory and Gloom
Baker, R - God Healed Me
Bayly, Joseph  -  I Love to Tell the Story: The Diary of a Sunday School Teacher
Beeson, Ray & Hunsicker, Ranelda Mack  -  The Hidden Price of Greatness
Belton, Raymond H.  -  Caniibals for Christ
Bingham, Helen E.  -  An Irish Saint (Holy Ann)
Blackmore, Leonard & Mary - From the Goatpen to the Sheepfold 
Blessitt, Arthur - A Walk With the Cross
Bombay, C - Let My People Go
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich & VonWedemeyer, Maria  -  Love Letters from Cell 92
Boone, Pat  -  A New Song
                   -  My Brother's Keeper
Bottomly, Colonel Heath  -  Prodigal Father
Bradford, Judge Kermit  -  Miracle on Death Row
Brown, Grace  -  Top of the World
Brown, Joan Winmill  -  No Longer Alone
Buckingham, Jamie  -  Daughter of Destiny: Kathyrn Kuhlman...her Story
Burgess, Alan  -  The Small Woman
Canfield, Carolyn  -  The Story of Isobel Kuhn
Cantelon, Elmer J.  -  Harvester of the North
Carothers, Merlin R.  -  Walking & Leaping
Cash, Johnny - Man in Black
Choi, Rev. Ja Shil  -  Korean Miracles
Clark, Glenn  -  The Man Who Talks with Flowers
Clark, Molly  -  The Taming of Molly
Conn, Charles Paul  -  The New Johnny Cash
Cook, Charles T.  -  London Hears Billy Graham
Cornwell, Ptricia  -  The Story of Ruth Bell Graham
                           -  A Time For Remembering: The Ruth Bell Graham Story
Crawford, Don  -  Red Star over Cuba
Cruz, Nicky  -  Run Baby Run
Davey, Cyril J.  -  The Story of Sadhu Sundar Singh
                        -  On the Clouds to China:  The Story of Hudson Taylor
                        -  Never Say Die
David, Brother  -  God's Smuggler to China
Davis, Walter Bruce  -  William Carey:  Father of Modern Missions
deMeyer, Jenny  -  Adventures with God
Dobbie, Sir William  -  A Very Present Help
Drost, Bill  -  Man With a Destiny: Bill Drost the Pentecost
Dudly, C. - Like a Mighty Wind
Dyer, Donita  -  Bright Promise: The Phenomenal Story of the Korean Helen Keller
Eareckson, Joni - Joni
Eareckson, Joni & Estes, Steve  -  A Step Further
Eller, T. Suzanne - Real Teens, Real Stories, Real Life
Elliot, Elisabeth  -  Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot
Ellis, William T.  -  Billy Sunday:  The Man and His Message
Enerson, Chas G. - Venture Into Faith
Finney, Charles G.  -  Power From on High
Fitt, A.P.  -  Life of D.L. Moody
Fletcher, Lionel B.  -  Mighty Moments
Foley, Doug  -  How Great I Was
Ford, Leighton - Sandy: A Heart for God
Frodsham, Stanley Howard - Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle of Faith
Foxe, John  -  Foxe's Christian Martyrs of the World
Gerard, Bernice  -  Bernice Gerard Today and For Life
Goforth, J. - By My Spirit
Goforth, Rosalind - Goforth of China
Gordon, S.D. - Quiet Talks on Power
Graham, Franklin  -  Rebel with a Cause: Finally Comfortable Being Graham
Graham, Ruth Bell -  Sitting By My Laughing Fire
                             -  It's My Turn
Green, Melody & Hazard, David  -  No Compromise: The Life Story of Keith Green
Grubb, Norman  -  Rees Howells Intercessor
Hacking, W.  -  Smith Wigglesworth Remembered
Haist, Coralee  -  How Great Oh God Thou Art
Hale, Thomas  -  Don't Let the Goats Eat the Loquat Trees
Haukka, Hannu  -  Only Believe!
Hefley, James & Marti  -  God's Tribesman: The Rochunga Pudaite Story
                                    - Uncle Cam
                                    -  No Time for Tombstones: Life and Death in the Vietnamese Jungle
Hembree, Ron  -  Mark
Hill, Harold - How To Live Like a King's Kid
Hill, Stan  -  A Bullet Stopped Me
Hitt, Russlee T.  -  Cannibal Valley
Hirschmann, Maria Anna  -  Hansi: The Girl Who Loved the Swastika
Holiday, Chico & Owen, Bob  -  Holiday In  Hell
Humbard, Maude Aimee  -  Maude Aimee...I Look to the Hills
Hunter, J. H.  -  Saint, Seer and Schientist: George Washington Carver
Hyde, G. & Vermillion, R. - Angel Flight 44 
Ivascu, Simon & Pop, Wesley - The Price of Freedom
Jackson, S. Trevena  -  Fanny Crosby's Story
Jealous, Ernest W.  -  "Happy Jim" The Life Story of James Bryant
Jensen, Margaret  -  First We Have Coffee
Jilek-Aall, Louise  -  Working With Dr.Schweitzer
Kauffman, Donald H.  -  The Cross and the Dragon
Keller, W. Phillip  -  Charles Browen "Paul Bunyan of the Canadian West"
Kinnear, Angus L.  -  Against the Tide: The Story of Watchman Nee
Knaack, Twila -  Ethel Waters: I Touched a Sparrow
Kouradakov, Sergei  -  The Persecutor
Kuglin, Robert J.  -  I Was the Devil's Egg
Kuhlman, Kathryn  -  Captain LeVrier Believes in Miracles
                               -  How Big is God?
Kulbeck, Gloria Grace  -  What God Hath Wrought
Kuhnert, Heinz-Gunter  -  My Refuge
Lake, Alexander  -  You Need Never Walk Alone
Lam, Nora  -  China Cry
Lasky, William R.  -  Tell It On the Mountain
Leak, J. Johnson  -  James Hannington
LeTourneau, R. G.  -  Mover of Men and Mountains
Lindsay, Gordon  -  John Alexander Dowie
Lorimer, Albert W.  - God Runs My Business: The Story of R.G. LeTourneau
Lotz, Anne Graham  -  Just Give Me Jesus
Ludwig, Charles S.  -  Wonderful Jesus
Madison, Richard L.  -  A Miracle in the Making: Raised from the Dead
Mainse, David  -  100
                        -  100 Huntley Street 
Mainse, Dr. Roy Lake  -  A Happy Heart
Malz, Betty  -  Prayers That are Answered
Mangalwadi, Ruth & Vishal  -  William Carey: A Tribute by an Indian Woman
Marshall, Catherine  -  Meeting God At Every Turn
                             -  Mr. Jones, Meet the Master: Sermons and Prayers of Peter Marshall
                              - To Live Again
                              - Beyond Ourselves
Martonfi, Donna - Uphill Climb
McDonnell, F. & Akallo, G. - Girl Soldier
McGeady, Sister Mary Rose  -  God, Please Save Me
McGovern, James  -  To Give the Love of Christ
McQuaid, Elwood  -  Zvi
Meisner, Audrey  -  On the Brink of Explosion
Michaelsen, Johanna - The Beautiful Side of Evil
Miller, Basil  -  George Muller: Man of Faith and Miracles
                    -  Marin Niemoeller
Moody, Rev. W. H.  - Mountains, Miracles and Memories
Muggeridge, Malcolm  -  Something Beautiful for God
Muller, George  -  Answers to Prayer
Murray, William J.  -  My Life Without God
Newton, John  -  Out of the Depths: An Autobiography
Northcott, Cecil  -  Angel of the Prisons: The Story of Elizabeth Fry
Nygard, Rev. John  -  Beyond the Hammer and the Sword
Nygard, Norman E.  -  Trumpet of Salvation
Olema, Albert W.  -  From Sought to Seeker
Olson, Bruce E. - Bruchko
Osteen, John T.  - The Confessions of a Baptist Preacher
Paulk, John & Anne - Love Won Out
Percy, Douglas C.  -  Men With the Heart of a Viking
                              Stirrett of the Sudan
Ping-wen, Shen  -  Chinese Communist Chriminal Acts in Persecutions of Religions
Pike, Eunice V.  -  Not Alone
                         -  An Uttermost Part
Piper, Don - 90 Minutes in Heaven
Plymire, David V. - High Adventure in Tibet
Poling, David  -  Why Billy Graham?
Pollock, John  - Billy Graham: The Authorized Biography
                       -  To All the Nations:  The Billy Graham Story
Popov, Haralan  -  Tortured for His Faith
Popov, Ladin  -  The Man They Couldn't Break
Prince, Lydia  -  Appointment in Jerusalem
Ratz, Calvin C.  -  They Call Him Pastor Wheat
Roberts, Dana - Understanding Watchman Nee
Robertson, Pat  -  Shout It From the Housetops
Robinson, Virgil  -  William Booth and His Army
Robson, Williams  -  James Chalmers
Rogers, Dale Evans  -  The Woman at the Well
Rossi, Sanna Barlow  -  God's City in the Jungle
Rutledge, Evelyn - Through Sorrow's Gates
Salway, Owen  -  Bush Trails
Seim, Brian - Moved With Compassion
Senft, Leonard  -  Pass the Potatoes Please 
Shea, George Beverly  -  Then Sings My Soul
Sheikh, Bilquis  -  I Dared to Call Him Father
Sherrill, John & Elizabeth  -  The Happiest People on Earth
Short, A. Rendell  -  The Diary of George Muller
Sjokvist, Grace Evelyn  -  Annie
Smith, Oswald J.  -  David Brainerd
Stanpill, Ira  -  This Side of Heaven
Strahan, James  -  The Marechale
Stratford, Lauren - Satan's Underground: The Extraordinary Story of One Woman's Escape
Strober, Gerald S.  -  Graham: A Day In Billy's Life
Taylor, Dr. & Mrs.  -  Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret
Telchin, Stan - Betrayed
TenBoom, Corrie  -  Prison Letters
                             -  Tramp For the Lord
                             -  In My Father's House
                             -  Not Good if Detached
                             -  A Prisoner and Yet
Thompson, Phyllis  -  Life Out of Death in Mozambique
Traylor, Ellen G. -  John Son of Thunder
Upton, George  -  The Miracle of Mozambique
                         -  My Search for Reality
                         -  Pioneer of the North
Vins, Georgie  -  Testament from Prison
Waffle, Scott D.  -  His Tender Grapes
Wallis, Ethel Emily & Bennet, Mary Angela  -  Two Thousand Tongues to Go
West, Jack  -  From Log Cabin to Pulpit
White, Kathleen  -  Joni Eareckson-Tada
                           -  Jim Elliot
                           -  Amy Carmichael
Williams, Hubert  -  Robert Moffat: The Story of a Great Missionary
Wilson, Dorothy Clarke  -  Take My Hands
Winward, Irene Snell  -  Visiting the Churches
Worchester, Mrs. J.H.  -  David Livingston: First to Cross Africa with the Gospel
Wurmbrand, Richard  -  Sermons in Solitary Confinement
                                  -  Tortured for Christ
Wurmbrand, Sabina  -  The Pastor's Wife
Yancy, Phillip  -  Church: Why Bother?  My Personal Pilgrimmage
Yohannan, K. P. - No Longer a Slumdog

Christian Living

Abrams, Tony  -  Million Mile Foundation
                          - Perfection
Allen, Charles L.  -  The Touch of the Master's Hand
Anderson, Gordon L. R.  -  Orphans & Kings
Anderson, Neil T.  -  The Bondage Breaker
                             -  Study Guide: The Bondage Breaker
Anderson, Phillip Longfellow  -  The Gospel in Disney
Augsburger, David  -  The Freedom of Forgiveness
                               -  Caring Enough to Confront
                               -  Caring Enough to Not Forgive
Bacon, Judith et al.  -  You and Your Priorities
Baldwin, Stanley C.  -  If I'm Created in God's Image Why Does it Hurt to Look in the Mirror?
Bertolini, Dewey  -  Secret Wounds and Silent Cries
Brand, Dr. Paul & Yancy, Philip  -  In His Image
Bridges, Jerry  -  You Can Trust God
                       -  The Pursuit of Holiness
Briscoe, Stuart  -  Secrets of Spiritual Stamina
Buckingham, Jamie  -  Risky Living: Keys to Inner Healing
Bunyan, John  -  Christian Behavior
Carothers, Merlin  -  More Power to You
                             -  What's On Your Mind?
Cerullo, Morris  -  Why Do the Righteous Suffer? 
Christenson, Larry  -  The Renewed Mind
Colson, Charles & Vaughn, Evelyn  -  Being the Body
Cornwall, Judson  -  Let Us Abide
                           - Let Us Worship: The Believer's Response to God
Cunningham, Lor (ed.)  -  Helping the World to See
Davis, Creath  -  Sent to Be Vulnerable
DeVries, John F.  -  Our Life Together
Dobson, Dr. James  -  Turning Hearts Toward Home
                               -  Dr. Dobson Answers Your Questions
                                - When God Doesn't Make Sense
Dodson, Dr. Fitzhugh  -  The You that Could Be
Eareckson-Tada, Joni  -  Choices and Changes
Eldredge, John  -  Waking the Dead
Elliot, Elisabeth  -  God's Guidance A Slow and Certain Light
                          -  Loneliness
Engstrom, Ted W.  & MacKenzie, R. Alec  -  Managing Your Time
Evans, Rhelda M. - Stress and the Christian
Evans, Tony  -  The Kingdom Agenda
Finney, Charles G.  -  Crystal Christianity
                            - Principles of Holiness
Fleming, Jean  -  The Homesick Heart
Frank, Jan  -  A Door of Hope
Freeman, Joel A.  -  Living With Your Conscience
Frost, Jack - Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship
George, Elizabeth - Following God with All Your Heart
Goff, Charles Ray  -  Chapel In the Sky
Graham, Billy  -  'Till Armageddon: A Perspective on Suffering
                          - Nearing Home
Grubb, Norman  -  The Spontaneous You
Guideposts  -  The Guideposts Treasury of Love

Hallesky, O.  -  Under His Wings
Hansel, Tim  -  When I Relax I Feel Guilty
Harbaugh, Gary L.  -  God's Gifted People
Hembree, Ron  -  The Speck in Your Brother's Eye
Hession, Roy  -  The Calvary Road
Hickey, Marilyn  -  Your Personality Workout
Hill, Craig  -  Decieved, Who Me?
Hindson, Ed  -  Overcoming Life's Toughest Problems
Hinn, Benny - Your Will Lord, Not Mine: Discovering God's Plan for Your Life
Horban, Michael  -  Hanging Loose in an Uptight World
Humbard, Rex  -  How to Stay on Top When the Bottom Falls Out
Hunter, John E.  -  Living the Christ Filled Life
Jacobs, Joan  -  Feelings!
Jensen, Margaret  -  A Nail in a Sure Place
Johnson, Barbara  -  Mama Get the Hammer!  There's a Fly on Papa's Head! 
Joyner, Rick  -  There Were Two Trees in the Garden
Kerr, John Charles  -  Hidden Riches Among the Poor
King, Martin Luther Jr.  -  Strength to Love
Kipp, Maxine  -  Living Life to the Fullest
Kise, Jane A. G. et al - Lifekeys
Lair, Jess & Lair, Jacqueline Carey  -  "Hey God, What Should I Do Now?"
Lavender, Lucille  -  Up the Staircase Backwards
                           -  They Cry Too
Levengood, Miriam E.  -  Heart of Hospitality
Liebman, Joshua Loth  -  Peace of Mind
Littauer, Fred & Florence  -  Freeing Your Mind From Memories that Bind
Lucado, Max  -  Just Like Jesus
                     -  Now Wonder They Call Him Savior
                     - In the Grip of Grace 
                      - Give it All to Him
                        - A Love Worth Giving
Lupton, J. Daniel  -  I Like Church But...
Lutzer, Erwin W. - Your Eternal Reward 
MacArthur, John Jr.  -  The Love of God
MacDonald, Gordon  -  Ordering Your Private World
Mainse, David  -  Divorce Always Hurts
                      - Giving Is Never Enough
                      -  Talk Back
                      -  What Matters Most
                      -  Home Improvement
Mainse, Karen Burton  -  Open Heart Open Home
Marshall, Catherine  -  The Helper
                             -  Something More
McLaughlin, Donna & Holland, Mary Ellen  -  The Way Home to the Father
McManus, Erwin R. - The Barbarian Way
McPhee, Arthur G.  -  Travelling Light
Mehl, Ron  -  Metting God At a Dead End
Meyer, Joyce - Look Great Feel Great
                       - Managing Your Emotions
                        - Power Thoughts 
Miller, June  -  Why Sink When You Can Swim?
Miller, Kathy C. & Miller, D. Larry - God's Vitamin C for the Spirit
Miller, Keith  -  The Taste of New Wine
                   - A Second Touch
Mills, Dick  -  He Spoke and I Was Strengthened
Minirth, Frank B. & Meier, Paul D. - Happiness is a Choice
Moore, Don & Dueck, Lorna  -  In Search of Hidden Heroes
Mosley, Steven R.  -  A Tale of Three Virtues
Mumford, Bob  -  Take Another Look At Guidance
Murray, andrew  -  The Reign of Love
                         -  The New Life
                         -  Not My Will
                         -  Humility
                         -  Be Perfect
Narramore, Bruce  -  You're Someone Special
Nee, Watchman  -  Spiritual Knowledge
                         -  Assembling Together
                         - The Spiritual Man Vol 1-3
Ortberg, John  -  The Life You've Always Wanted
                     -  Everybody's Normal Till You Get to Know Them
Otis, George - Successful Living
                   -  Peace, Power, and Happiness
Palms, Roger C.  -  God Guides Your Tomorrows
Parrott, Les  -  The Control Freak
Paxson, Ruth  -  The Wealth, Walk and Warfare of the Christian
Payne, Leanne - Real Presence: The Christian World View of C.S. Lewis as an Incarnational Reality
Peale, Norman Vincent  -  In God We Trust
Peterson, Eugene H. - A Long Obedience in the Same Direction
Powell, Graham & Shirley - Christian Set Yourself Free
Powell, John  -  Unconditional Love
Price, Eugenia  -  Make Love Your Aim
Raabe, Tom  -  House of Cards: Hope for Gamblers and Their Families
Richards, Larry  -  Becoming One In the Spirit
Ridenour, Fritz  -  How To Decide What's Really Important
                       -  How To Be a Christian In an Unchristian World
                       -  How To Be a Christian Without Being Religious
Robinson, Godfrey C. & Winward, Stephen F.  -  The Way
Ross, Lanson  -  Take Charge of Your Life
Sanders, J. Oswald  -  Facing Loneliness
Schaeffer, Francis A.  -  No Little People
Seim, Brian (comp)  -  Moved With Compassion
Sizemore, Finley H.  -  Suicide: The Signs and Solution
Smalley, Gary & Trent, John  -  The Blessing (And the Blessing Workbook)
Smedes, Lewis B. - The Art of Forgiving
Smith, Hannah Whitall  -  The God of All Comfort
                                 -  Little Secrets for Happy Living
Sorge, Bob - Secrets of the Secret Place
Stanley, Charles - The Blessings of Brokeness
Summers, Bob  -  Out Back With Jesus
Swindoll, Charles R.  -  Living Above the Level of Mediocrity
                               -  Living Beyond the Daily Grind Book II
                               -  Dropping Your Guard
                               -  Three Steps Forward Two Steps Back
                               -  Start Where You Are
                               -  The Grace Awakening
                               -  Victory
                               -  Strengthening Your Grip
                               -  Celebrating Life 
Taylor, Hudson  -  Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret
Tozer, A. W.  -  Born After Midnight
                    - The Best of A.W. Tozer
                    - Gems from Tozer
                    - A Treasury of A.W. Tozer
Vander Lugt, Herbert  -  The Art Of Growing Old
Walsh, Sheila  -  Honestly
Warren, Rick - The Purpose Driven Life
Wells, David  -  What I See
White, John  -  Changing On the Inside
                   -  The Fight
Wiersbe, Warren  -  God Isn't In a Hurry
                         -  Key Words of the Christian Life
Wilkerson, David -  The Little People
Williamson, Marianne  -  The Gift of Change
Womak, David A. -  Alive in Christ
Wood, Nathan R.  -  The Open Secret of Christianity
Yancy, Phillip  -  Disappointment With God
                     -  Where Is God When It Hurts?
                     - What's So Amazing About Grace? (Inc: Study Guide) 
Ziglar, Zig  -  Confessions of a Happy Christian 
NavPress - Stress: Letting Go and Letting God


Armstrong, Karen - Jerusalem
Benson, Clarence H.  -  The Triune God
Bosworth, F. F.  -  Christ the Healer
Briscoe, D. Stuart  -  The Fullness of Christ
Coke, Karl P. - God is Charismatic
Davies, J. G. - The Early Christian Church
Epp, Theodore H.  -  Protraits of Christ in the Tabernacle
Fitzmyer, Joseph A.  -  Paul and His Theology

Hunter, Archibald H.  -  The Parables Then and Now
Hunter, Frances  -  Come Alive!
                           -  Hang Loose with Jesus
Jarman, Dr. Charles & Benson, Carmen  -  The Grace and the Glory of God
Jones, E. Stanley  -  The Christ of the Indian Road
Kenyon, E.W.  -  The Wonderful Name of Jesus
Levitt, Zola  -  Jesus: The Jew's Jew
Lindsay, Gordon  -  The Triunity of the Godhead
Lutzer, Erwin W. - Your Eternal Reward
Marchiano, Bruce  -  In the Footsteps of Jesus
McBirnie, William Stewart  -  The Search for the Twelve Apostles
McDowell, Josh  -  More Than a Carpenter
                              - The Life of Jesus
McKenna, David L.  -  The Jesus Model
Micklen, Nathaniel  -  The Creed of a Christian
Moore, Arthur B.B.  -  Jesus Christ and the Christian Life
Mumford, Bob  -  Christ in Session
Nee, Watchman  -  The Glorious Church
Nelson, Carl  -  Just the Greatest
Peale, Norman Vincent  -  The Complete Sayings of Jesus
Price, Eugenia  -  What is God Like?
Ramsay, William M.  -  The Christ of the Earliest Christians
Roddy, Lee  -  Jesus
Roget, Peter Mark  -  Jesus Christ the Story of His Life
Rolls, Charles J.  -  The World's Greatest Name
                           -  The Name Above Every Name
                           -  His Glorious Name
                            -  Time's Noblest Name
                            -  The Indestructable Christ
Smail, Thomas A.  -  The Forgotten Father
Stalker, James  -  The Life of Jesus Christ
Thomas, Gordon  -  The Trial
Vicjeveno, H. S.  -  Jesus the Revolutionary
Visser't Hooft, W. A.  -  The Kingship of Christ
Warren, Bernard A.  -  The Blood of Jesus
Wilson, Clifford  -  Jesus the Teacher 

Contemporary Issues

E.F.C. -  Innocence Preserved:  Protecting Children from Child Pornography
Antonio, Gene  -  AIDS: Rage and Reality
Collins, Gary R.  -  Coping with Christmas

Fowler, Paul B. - Abortion: Towards an Evangelical Consensus
Geisler, Norman L.  & Feinberg, Paul D.  -  Introduction to Philosophy
Grunlan, Stephen A & Reimer, Milton  -  Christian Perspectives on Sociology
Hebding Daniel E.  & Glick, Leonard  -  Introduction to Sociology
Jeffrey, Grant R.  -  The Mysterious Bible Codes
Minnery, Tom ed.  -  Pornography: A Human Tragedy
Morris, Henry M.  -  The Twilight of Evolution
Otis, George  -  The Blueprint
Smith, Paul B.  -  The Naked Truth
Twersky, Abraham J.  -  Caution: Kindness Can be Dangerous to the Alcoholic
Watters, Stephen O.  -  Overcoming Internet Addictions
Weiss, G. Christian  -  What You Should Know About Bible Translations
Wyden, Peter & Barbara  -  Growing up Straight 
Grief/ Loss

Anderson, Colena M. - Joy Beyond Grief
Cranor, Phoebe -  Why Did God Let Grandpa Die?
Everett, C & Koop, Elizabeth  -  Sometimes Mountains Move
Gillies, John  -  Care Giving:  When Someone You Love Grows Old
Graham, Billy  -  Facing Death and the Life After
Jensen, Amy Hillyard - Healing Grief
Jensen, Margaret  -  Who Will Wind the Clock?
Klopfenstein, Janette  -  My Walk Through Grief
Larson, Joseph T.  -  Christian Comfort
Mead, Eleanor Tyler Lay Up Your Treasures in Heaven

Pritchard, M. C.  -  Pebbles From the Brink
Roels, Edwin D. -  Who Cares When I Hurt?
Swindoll, Charles  -  Starting Over
Thomas, Terry C.  -  At Least We Were Married
Towns, James E.  -  Faith Stronger Than Death
Townsend, Anne J.  -  Suffering Without Pretending
White, John Wesley  -  Of Wheels and Wings 


Allen, Charles L.  - The Touch of the Master's Hand
Allender, Dan B. - The Wounded Heart
Alsdurf, James & Alsdurf, Phyllis - Battered Into Submission
Arnott, John - The Father's Blessing
Baker, Elizabeth - Who Am I: A Woman's Guide to Self-Acceptance
Baker, Robert J. - God Healed Me
Bosworth, F. F. - Christ the Healer
Brooks, Pat - Out! In the Name of Jesus 
Carter, Dr. Les - Imperative People
Colbert, Don MD - Deadly Emotions
Colton, Ann Ree - Watch Your Dreams
Crabb, Larry Dr. - Inside Out
Enroth, Ronal M. - Churches that Abuse
Evans, David G. - Healed Without Scars
Fitzpatrick, Graham - Dreams and Visions
Frank, Jan - A Door of Hope
Friesen, James G. - The Truth About False Memory Syndrome
Hart, Dr. Archibald D. - Healing Adult Children of Divorce
Hayford, Jack W. - God's Way to Wholeness
                          - Kingdom Warfare
Heitritter, Lynn & Vought, Jeanette - Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse 
Hickey, Marilyn - Breaking Generational Curses
Hinn, Benny - Lamb of God
Hinn, Sam - Changed in His Presence
Jakes, T. D. - Can You Stand to Be Blessed?
                  - Naked and Not Ashamed 
Joseph, Leisha - Little Girl Lost
Kraft, Chalres H. - Deep Wounds Deep Healing
Kubetin, Cynthia A. & Mallory, James M.D. - Beyond the Darkness: Healing for Victims of Sexual Abuse
Kuhlman, Kathryn  -  From Medicine to Miracles
                              -  I Believe in Miracles
                              -  God Can Do It Again
                              -  10,000 Miles For a Miracle
                              -  A Glimpse into Glory
Littauer, Florence - How To Get Along With Difficult People
MacDonald, Gordon - Rebuilding Your Broken World
MacNutt, Father Francis  -  Healing
Madison, Richard L.  -  A Miracle in the Making
Makimau, Julie & Sobie, Amy - Victims and Victors
Manion, Jeff - The Land Between
Meyer, Joyce - Healing the Brokenhearted
Michels, Nancy - Helping Women Recover from Abortion
Murray, Andrew  -  Divine Healing
Pytches, Mary - Set My People Free
Sampson, Dr. Paul - Second Thoughts: Understanding the False Memory Crisis and How it Could Affect You
Sanford, Agnes  -  The Healing Gifts of the Spirit
                          -  The Healing Power of the Bible
                          -  The Healing Light
Savara, Liberty S. - Shattering Your Strongholds
Scazzaro, Peter - Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (including workbook)
Scott, Kay - Sexual Assault: Will I Ever Feel Okay Again?
Seamands, David A. - Healing for Damaged Emotions
Simpson, Dr. Paul - Second Thoughts
Stanley, Andy - It Came from Within! The Shocking Truth of What Lurks In the Heart
Stapleton, Ruth Carter  -  The Gift of Inner Healing
Verrier, Nancy Newton - The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child
Wyatt, Thomas  -  Out From the Past

Health/ Finances

Alcorn, Randy - Money, Posessions and Eternity
Barrile, Jackie  -  Confessions of a Closet Eater
Bradley, John D.  -  Christian Career Planning
Bump, Glen Hale  -  How to Succeed in Business Without Being a Pagan
Colbert, Don  -  The Bible Cure for Menopause
Cooper, Kenneth H.  -  Aerobics
Coyle, Neva  -  Free to Be Thin: Study Guide No. 1
Dielhl, Dr. Hans  -  To Your Health
Eggericks, Fred & Palmer, Bernard W.  -  A Bag Without a Hole
Ellis, Alda  -  Beyond Breast Cancer
Gold, Ann & Briller, Sara Welles  -  Diet Watchers Guide
Hammond, Beth  -  The Desperate Dieter
Hausman, Patricia & Hurley, Judith Benn  -  The Healing Foods
Hunter, Frances  -  God's Answer to Fat
Jeffrey, Grant R.  -  Finding Financial Freedom
Kane, H. Victor  -  Devotions for Dieters
Kay, Ellie  -  Shop, Save and Share
Kirban, Salem  -  How to Keep Healthy and Happy By Fasting
Luckey, Camilla Dayton  -  You Can Live on Half Your Income
MacGregor, Malcolm  -  Your Money Matters
McKinnon, Monty  -  Money Management
Menconi, Peter et al. - Money: Handling the Bucks
Reese, Harold  -  Overcoming Financial Bondage
Reno, Tosca  -  The Eat-Clean Diet
Wise, Karen  -  God Knows I Won't Be Fat Again! 

Holy Spirit 

Barney, Kenneth D.  -  The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit
Bennett, Dennis & Rita  -  The Holy Spirit and You & Supplements
Bright, Bill  -  The Christian and the Holy Spirit
Chevreau, Guy  -  Catch the Blessing
Coppin, Ezra  -  Slain in the Spirit
Cornwall, Judson  -  Let Us Be Holy
Culbertson, William  -  God's Provision for Holy Living
Cunningham, Loren  -  Is That Really You God?
Cymbala, Jim  -  Fresh Wind Fresh Fire
Finney, Charles G.  -  Power From On High
Geo, Donald - Fruitful or Barren
Graham, Billy - The Holy Spirit
Hession, Roy  -  Be Filled Now
Hinn, Benny  -  The Anointing
                     -  The Blood
                     -  Good Morning Holy Spirit
Holdcroft, L. Thomas  -  The Holy Spirit: A Pentecostal Interpretation
Horton, Stanley M. - What the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit
Hunter, Charles & Frances  -  This Way Up
Joyner, Rick  -  There Were Two Trees In the Garden
Kuglin, Robert J. -  A Layman's Handbook on the Holy Spirit
Laubach, Frank & Brother Lawrence  -  Practicing His Presence
Lim, David  -  Spiritual Gifts: A Fresh Look\
Lindsay, Gordon - Gifts of the Spirit
Murray, Andrew  -  The Spirit of Christ
Nee, Watchman  -  How Does My Spirit Function?
                           -  The Release of the Spirit
Sekowsky, JoAnne  -  Empowered
Sheets, Dutch - The River of God
Sherrill, John L.  -  They Speak With Other Tongues
Smith, Billy B.  -  The Holy Spirit and His Gifts
 Inspirational (Poetry/ Literature)

Barnes, Emilie  -  The Promise of Hope
Brenneman, Helen  -  God Meditations for the New Mother
Canfield, Jack et al  -  Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul
                            -  A Second Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul
                            -  Chicken Soup For the Golden Soul
                            -  Chicken Soup For the Christian Family Soul
                            -  Chicken Soup For the Woman's Soul
Carmichael, Amy  -  If
Daniels, Velman Seawell  -  I'm Glad Your My Friend
deGasztold, Carmen Bernos  -  Prayers From the Ark
Dobson, James - In the Arms of God
Edwards, Gene - A Tale of Three Kings
Hammond, Michell McKinney  -  Intimate Thoughts Whispered Prayers
Hefley, James C.  -  Sacred Cows Make Good Hamburgers
Hiebert, Geneva  -  Master of the Music
Hurnard, Hannah  -  Hind's Feet On High Places
Kilby, Clyde S. - The Christian World of C.S. Lewis
Lewis, C. S.  -  Mere Christianity
                    -  The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
                    -  The Screwtape Letters
                    -  The Great Divorce
Lucado, Max - One Incredible Moment
Marshall, Catherine - A Man Called Peter
McLellen, Vern  -  Shredded Wit
Morgan, Robert J. - Then Sings My Soul
Ogilvie, Lloyd John  -  The Promise of Peace
Oursler, Fulton  -  The Greatest Story Ever Told
Parrott, Les & Leslie  -  A Good Friend
Pointer, Cliff  -  A Collection of Poems
Rice, Helen Steiner  -  Somebody Loves You
Roberts, Frances J.  -  Come Away My Beloved
Stepanek, Mattie J. T.  -  Journey Through Heartsongs
Toews, Margaret Penner  -  Five Loaves and Two Small Fish
Young, Wm. Paul - The Shack
"God Is Love"  -  Hallmark Cards

Men's Issues

Arterburn, Stehphen & Stoeker, Fred  -  Every Man's Battle
Cerullo, Morris  -  Two Men From Eden
Cole, Edwin Louis  -  Strong Men in Tough Times
                              -  Maximized Manhood
Crabb, Dr. Larry  -  The Silence of Adam
Eldredge, John - Wild at Heart
Getz, Gene A.  -  The Measure of a Man
Kilgore, James  -  Being a Man in a Woman's World
Roberts, Doug  -  To Adam With Love
Rogers, Henry J.  -  The Silent War
Shedd, Charlie W.  -  The Best Dad is a Good Lover
Shoemaker, Sam  -  Extraordinary Living for Ordinary Men 

Ministry/ Leadership

101 Ideas that Work
 The Indigenous Church
Adams, James E. - Three to Win
Aldrich, Joseph C.  -  Life-Style Evangelism
Allen, Edith Beavers  -  Bible Games
Allison, K. J.  -  Teaching Children as the Spirit Leads
Andrew Brother  -  Building in a Broken World
Beegle, Dewey M.  -  God's Word into English
Billheimer, Paul E.  -  Love Covers
Blackaby, Henry & Richard  -  Spiritual Leadership
Bonnke, Reinhard  -  Evangelism by Fire
Bower, Robert K.  -  Administering Christian Education
Brandt, Robert L.  -  Soul Winning
Bright, William R. - Ten Basic Steps Toward Christian Maturity Teacher's Manual (inc. Student books)
Brown, Jim  -  The Imperfect Board Member
Bryant, Al  -  Religious Plays that Click
Buba, Donald L. & Ricketts, Sarah M.  -  Building People
Bunyan, John  -  The House of God
Burns, Ridge & Campbell, Pam  -  Create in Me a Youth Ministry
Cantelon, Brent et al. -  Tenacious 
Coleman, Dr. Robert E. - The Master Plan of Evangelism
Colson, Charles  -  The Body Being Light in Darkness
Corts, John & Riggs, Charles  -  Radical Committment
Crabb, LawrenceJ & Allender, Dan B.  -  Encouragement
Currie, Winifred  -  Creative Classroom Communications
Dayton, Edward R. & Engstrom, Ted W.  -  Strategy for Leadership
Dixon, Patrick  -  Signs of Revival
Doan, Eleanor  -  Creative Handcrafts for Children
Dockery, Karen - Youth Workers and Parents
Dresselhaus, Richard L.  -  Teaching for Decision
Duewel, Wesley L.  -  Ablaze for God
Edge, Findley B.  -  Teaching for Results
Edgerly, George A. & Crosby, Harold E.  -  Strategies for Sunday School Growth
Egan, Gerard  -  The Skilled Helper
Enticknap, C. G.  -  Every Believer Evangelism
Erickson, Millard J. - Introducing Christian Doctrine
Finney, Charles G. - Lectures on Revival
Friedman, Edwin H. - Generation to Generation
George, Carl F.  -  Prepare Your Church for the Future
Glover, Robert  -  The Progress of World Wide Missions
Godfrey, George  -  How to Win Souls and Influence People for Heaven
Gordon, S. D.  -  Quiet Talks with World Sinners
Graendorf, Werner C.  -  Introduction to Biblical Christian Education
Graham, Billy -  The Billy Graham Christian Worker's Handbook
Graham, Billy et al  -  Words that Changed Millions
Hakes, J. Edward  -  An Introduction to Evangelical Christian Education
Harper, Michael  -  Let My People
Harrison, Eugene Myers  -  How to Win Souls
Haystead, Wesley  -  Ways to Plan and Organize Your Sunday School
Hurst, D. V.  -  And He Gave Teachers
Hyles, Jack  -  Church Bus Handbook
Iverson, Gerald D.  -  Ways to Plan and Organize Your Sunday School
Jordon, Bernice Claire  -  Whither Bound
Kaiser, Walter C. - Toward and Exegetical Theology 
Karth, Rus et al - Leader's Guid: The Love One Another Bible Study
Keetauver, Larry - Friends and Faith
Korth, Russ et al. - Submitting
Kunz, Marilyn & Schnell, Catharine - How to Start a Neighborhood Bible Study.
Laurie, Greg & Swindoll, Charles  -  Passion for the Gospel
Lewis,  Norman  -  Go Ye Means You
Lindsay, Gordon  -  World Evangelism Now
Litfin, A. Duane  -  Public Speaking: Handbook for Christians
London, H. B. Jr et al - Refresh, Renew, Revive 
London, H. B. & Wiseman, Neil B. - Pastors at Greater Risk
Lueking, F. Dean  -  Preaching: The Art of Connecting God and People
Mackay, Joy  -  Raindrops Keep Falling on My Tent
Mahoney, Ralph  -  Is a New Wave of Revival Coming?
Maxwell, John C. - Developing the Leader Within You
Meads, Kerry Cederburg & Smyth, Robert (ed) - 15 Surefire Scripts
Miller, Basil  -  Increase Sunday School Attendance
                    -  10 Boys of the Bible Who Became Famous
Moore, Barry  -  By the Foolishness of Preaching
Moore, John & Neff, Ken  -  A New Testament Blueprint for the Church
Murch, James et al (editors)  -  Evangelical Sunday School Lesson Commentary
Murray, Andrew  -  Working for God
Murren, Doug  -  The Baby Boomerang
Nee, Watchman  -  God's Work
Nyquist, James F. - Leading Bible Discussions
Orr, William W.  -  How to Lead Young Children to Christ
Ortiz, Juan Carlos  -  Disciple
Osborn, T. L.  -  Soulwinning Out where the Sinners Are
                       -  Frontier Evangelism
Palmer, Parker J.  -  To Know as We are Known
Pearson, Bob  -  Set Free to Learn
Peterson, Gilbert A.  -  The Christian Education of Adults
Pippert, Rebecca  -  Out of the Salt Shaker and Into the World
Plake, David & Roberta  -  The Ministry of Teaching
Pratney, Winkie  -  Doorways to Discipleship
                          -  Youth Aflame
Pytches, Mary  -  Set My People Free
Reimers, Al  -  God's Country
Richards, Lawrence O.  -  A Theology of Children's Ministry
Ridenour, Fritz - Tell it Like it Is
Rinker, Rosalind  -  You Can Witness with Confidence
Roberts, Oral  -  How to Win Your Lost Loved Ones to Christ
Robertson, Pat  -  The Christian Counsellor's Handbook
Sanders, J. Oswald  -  Spiritual Leadership
Schaller, Lyle E. - 44 Ways to Increase Church Attendance
Seamands, John T.  -  Harvest of Humanity
Self, Margaret  -  158 Things to Make
Sheely, Steve  -  Ice-breakers and Heart Warmers
Shoemaker, Helen S.  -  Prayer and Evangelism
Silk, Danny - Culture of Honor
Smith, Charles T.  -  Ways to Plan and Organize Your Sunday School
Smith, Oswald J.  -  The Passion for Souls
                            -  The Work God Blesses
Smith, Judah  -  Soul Seekers
Stanley, Andy - The Next Generation Leader
Swindoll, Charles - Hand Me Another Brick
Tenny, Tommy - God's Favorite House
Torrey, R. A.  -  Personal Work Part I of How to Work for Christ
                      -  The New Topical Textbook
Trumbull, Charles G.  -  Taking Men Alive
Wagner, C. Peter - On the Crest of the Wave
Warren, Rick - The Purpose Driven Church
Webber, Robert E. - Common Roots
White, John Wesley  -  Twelve Basketsful
Willis, Wesley R.  -  Developing the Teacher in You
Wilson, Bill  -  Whose Child is This?
Wright, H. Norman  -  Ways to Help them Learn  


Allen, Tom  -  I Wish You Could Meet My Mom and Dad
Anderson, Ken et al  -  The Family that Makes It
Anderson, Neil T. & Russo, Steve - The Seduction of Our Children
Anson, Elva  -  How to Keep the Family that Prays Together From Falling Apart
Baucom, John Q  -  Help Your Children Say No to Drugs
Benoit, David  -  Fourteen Things Witches Hope Parents Never Find Out
Brock, Raymond T.  -  The Christ Centered Family
Campbell, Ross  -  How To  Really Love Your Teenager
                          -  How To Really Love Your Child
Chafin, Kenneth  -  Is There a Family In the House?
Christenson, Larry  -  The Christian Family
Coleman, William L.  -  My Magnificent Machine
Croyle, John  -  Bringing Out the Winner In Your Child
Dobbins, Richard D.  -  Train Up a Child
Dobson, James  -  Discipline With Love
                          -  Dare to Discipline
                          -  Preparing for Adolescence
                          -  The New Dare to Discipline
                           -  Hide or Seek:  How to Build Self Esteem in Your Child
                            -  Parenting Isn't for Cowards
                            - Baby and Child Care
Evans, Anthony T  -  Guiding Your Family in a Misguided World
Foy, Jessie Gray  -  Gone Is Shadow's Child
Garrison, Marjorie King  -  Happy Families are Homemade
Graham, Billy  -  The Jesus Generation
Hanny, Diane  -  Closer Than My Shadow
Haystead, Wesley  -  You Can't Begin Too Soon
Henricksen,  Walter A.  -  How to Discipline Your Children
Hill, Craig  -  The Ancient Paths
Hubbard, David A.  -  Is the Family Here to Stay?
Jacobsen, Marion Leach  -  How to Keep Your Family Together and Still Have Fun
Katz, William  -  Protecting Your Children from Sexual Assault
Kesler, Jay  -  Parents & Teenagers
                    -  Energizing Your Teenager's Faith
Kimnel, Tim  -  Raising Kids for True Greatness
LaHaye, Beverly  -  How to Develop Your Child's Temperament
LaHaye, Tim and Beverly  -  Spirit Controlled Family Living
                                         -  The Spirit Controlled Family
Leggett, Gary  -  God's Word on the Family
Martin, Dorothy  -  Creative Family Worship
McDowell, Josh & Hostetler, Bob  -  Right From Wrong
McPherson, Miles  -  Parenting the Wild Child
Merril, Dean & Grace  -  Together At Home
Mow, Anna B  -  Your Child from Birth to Rebirth
Mullen, Tom  -  Where 2 or 3 are Gathered Together, Someone Spills His Milk
                      -  Parables for Parents and Other Original Sinners
Murray, Andrew  -  How to Raise Your Children for Christ
                            -  The Children for Christ
Narramore, Bruce  -  Adolescence is Not an Illness
                               -  Help!  I'm a Parent
Petersen, J.  Allan  -  Conquering Family Stress
Phillips, Mike  -  Blueprint for Raising a Child
Richmond, Gary  -  Successful Single Parenting
Robley, Grace & Wendell  -  The Spirit Led Family
Sala, Harold J.  -  Train Up a Child and Be Glad You Did
Sears, William  -  Creative Parenting
                        -  Chrisitan Parenting and Childcare
Shepherd, Lorne  -  Raising Real Kids In an Unreal World
Sloat, Donald E.  -  The Dangers of Growing Up In a Christian Home
Smith, Micheal W.  -  Chart Watch
Smith, Tim  -  The Relaxed Parent
Stiller, Brian  -  A Generation Under Seige
Sturgeon, Chuck  -  Train Up a Child
Swan, Monte  -  Romancing Your Child's Heart
Swindoll, Charles R.  -  You and Your Child
Taylor, Kenneth N.  -  A Living Letter For the Children's Hour
Tomkins, Iverna  -  How to Live With Kids and Enjoy It
Walker, Georgiana  -  The Celebration Book 
Warner, Gary  -  Competition
White, Mary -  Successful Family Devotions
Wilson, gerald B.  -  The Arts of Family Living
Wilkerson, David  -  Parents on Trial
Wright, Linda Raney  -  Raising Children 
Wylie, Betty Jane  -  The Book of Matthew
Ziglar, Zig  -  Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World

Praise/ Music

Day of Thy Power- A Devotional Hymnal
Grand Old Hymns
Carothers, Merlin R.  -  Power In Praise
                                 -  Victory on Praise Mountain
                                 -  Answers to Praise
                                 -  Prison to Praise
                                 -  Bringing Heaven Into Hell
Cornwall, Judson  -  Let Us Praise
Gossett, Don  -  Praise Ave.
Law, Terry  -  The Power of Praise and Worship
Liesch, Barry  -  The New Worship
Martin, Ralph P. -  The Worship of God
Partner, Daniel - The Hymns We Love
Redman, Matt  -  Facedown
Segler, Franklin M. - Christian Worship
Sorge, Bob  -  Exploring Worship

Prayer/ Spiritual Warfare

Anonymous  -  The Kneeling Christian
Astakoff, N. I. Salof  -  Touching Heaven By Prayer
Billheimer, Paul E.  -  Destined to Overcome
Bisagno, John  -  The Power of Positive Praying
Bishop, Jim  -  Go With God
Bounds, E. M.  -  The Weapon of Prayer
                        -  Power Through Prayer
Brother Andrew  -  When Jesus Prayed
Brown, Rebecca  -  Becoming a Vessel of Honor
Casteel, John  -  The Promise of Prayer
Christenson, Evelyn  -   A Journey Into Prayer
Copeland, Kenneth  -  Prayer: Your Foundation for Success
Cruz, Nicky  -  Satan On the Loose
Eastman, Dick  -  No Easy Road
                        -  Love on It's Knees
                        -  The Hour That Changes the World
Harvey E. F. & L.  -  Kneeling We Triumph
Heflin, Wallace H. - Power in Your Hand
Humbard, Rex  -  Praying With Power
Hunter, Frances Gardner  -  Hot Line to Heaven
Hybels, Bill  -  Too Busy Not to Pray
Jacobs, Cindy  -  Possessing the Gates of the Enemy
Jersak, Brad - Can You Hear Me? Tuning In to the God Who Speaks
Lindsay, Gordon  -  The Art of Successful Praying
MacArthur, John  -  Alone With God
MacDonald, Hope  -  Discovering How to Pray
McGaw, Francis  -  Praying Hyde
Miller, Calvin - Disarming the Darkness
M'Intyre, D. M.  -  The Hidden Life of Prayer
Munro, Dr. Myles - Prayer 
                              - Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer
Murray, Andrew  -  Absolute Surrender
                           -  With Christ in the School of Prayer
                           -  The Prayer Life
Ndakwe, Peter  -  Try the Spirits
Osteen, John H. - Pulling Down Strongholds
Prange, Erwin  -  A Time for Intercession
Phelps, Austin  -  The Still Hour
Rice, John R.  -  Prayer...Asking and Recieving
Rinker, Rosalind  -  Communicating Love Through Prayer
                           -  Conversational Prayer
                           -  Praying Together
Sanders. J. Oswald  - Satan is No Myth
Shaw, Gwen  -  Your Appointment with God
                      -  Pour Out Your Heart
Sheets, Dutch  -  Intercessory Prayer
Sherman, Dean  -  Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian
Shropshire, Marie  -  In Touch With God
Swaim, Ruth  -  Why...Do We Pray?
Tengbom, Mildred  -  Table Prayers
Torrey, R. A.  -  How to Pray
                      -  The Power of Prayer
Towns, Elmer L.  -  Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough
Wagner, C. Peter  -  Churches that Pray
                            -  Warfare Prayer 
                          - Breaking Strongholds In Your City
Wallis, Arthur  -  Pray In the Spirit
                       -  God's Chosen Fast
Wiederkehr, Macrina  -  Seasons of Your Heart:  Prayers & Reflections
White, John - Daring to Draw Near
White, Thomas B.  -  The Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfare
Winward, Stephen  -  How To Talk With God
Word Ministries Inc - Prayers that Avail Much Vol 1


Dyer, Charles H.  -  The Rise of Babylon
Goetz, William R.  -  Apocalypse Next
Graham, Billy  -  Approaching Hoofbeats
Green, Keith et al  -  The Last Days Collection
Hagee, John  -  Beginning of the End
Harris, Charles  -  What's Ahead?
Jeffry, Grant R.  -  Armageddon: Appointment with Destiny  
Joyner, Rick - The Harvest
Kac, Arthur W.  -  The Rebirth of the State of Israel
Lightle, Steve  -  Exodus II: Let My People Go!
Lindsay, Gordon  -  Fire Over the Holy Land
Lindsay, Hal  -  The Late Great Planet Earth
                     -  The Rapture
Lucado, Max  -  When Christ Comes
Mainse, David  -  God Keep Our Land
Marrs, Texe  -  Mystery Mark of the New Age
Pollock, Algernon J.  -  Things Which Must Shortly Come to Pass
Sanford, John & Paula  -  The Elijah Task
Taylor, Charles R.  -  World War III and the Destiny of America
VanGinkel, Aileen  -  Shaping a Christian Vision for Canada
VanImpe, Jack  -  Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Prophesy...
White, Glen E.  -  Of the Something More
White, John Wesley  -  WWII
                                -  The Coming World Dictator
                                -  Arming for Armageddon
                                - Re-entry


The Encyclopedia of Christian Marraige

Aranza, Jacob & Lamson, Theresa  -  A Reasonable Reason to Wait 
Backus, William - Telling Each Other the Truth
Bainton, Roland H.  -  Sex, Love and Marraige
Boyer, Pam  -  Forever Friends
Chapman, Gary & Thomas, Jennifer - The Five Language on Apology
Christenson, Larry & Nordis  -  The Christian Couple
Cloud, Dr. Henry & Townsend, Dr. John  -  Boundaries in Dating
                                                                -  Safe People
Conrad, Marilyn - An Alternative to Divorce
Coleman, William L. - Before I Give You Away:A Parent's Thoughts on Marraige
Crabb, Barry et al.  -  Bring Home the Joy
Crosby, Robert & Pamela  -  Now We're Talking!
Dahl, Gerald L.  -  Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes
Deal, Dr. William S.  -  Picking a Partner
Dobson, Dr. James  -  What Wives Wish Husbands Knew About Women
Eastman, Brett et al - Beginning Life Together
                             - Growing to Be Like Christ
Exel, Godfrey W.  -  Live Happily With the Woman You Love
Farrell, Bill & Pam  -  Men are Like Waffles Women are Like Spaghetti
Florio, Anthony  -  Two to Get Ready
Frank, Don & Jan  -  When Victims Marry
Gillespie, Natalie Nichols  -  The Stepfamily Survival Guide
Gray, John - Men are from Mars Women are from Venus
Guernsey, Dennis  -  Thouroughly Married
Harley, Willard F.  -  His Needs Her Needs
                             -  Buyers, Renters and Freeloaders
Hembelt, Dr. Robert et al  -  Love is a Choice
Hendricks, Gay & Hendricks, Kathylyn  -  Conscious Loving
Hess, Margaret  -  Love Knows No Barriers
Joy, Donald M.  -  Re-bonding
LaHaye, Time  -  How to Be Happy Though Married
                       -  I Love You, But Why Are We So Different
                        -  The Act of Marraige
Linamen, Karen Scalf - Pillow Talk
Mayhall, Jack & Carole  -  Marraige Takes More Than Love
Miles, Herbert J.  -  The Dating Game
Peterson, J. Allen  -  Two Become One
Phillipps, Marilyn - First Aid For a Wounded Marraige
Ridenour, Fritz  -  The Other Side of Morality
Sala, Harold J.  -  They Shall Be One Flesh
Schek, Robert L.  -  Returing to Eden
Schwambach, Stephen & Judith  -  For Lovers Only
Shedd, Charlie W.  -  Letters to Karen
Shrier, John C.  -  Marraige: Top Priority
Smalley, Gary  -  If Only He Knew
Spinnanger, Ruthie T.  -  Better Than Divorce
Sproul, R. C.  -  Discovering the Intimate Marraige
Stafford, Tim  -  A Love Story
Swihart, Judson J.  -  How Do You Say I Love You?
Swindoll, Charles  -  Strike the Original Match 

Thieme, R. B.  -  Right Man Right Woman
Tomczak, Larry  -  Straightforward Why Wait till Marraige
Van Wade, David & Sarah  -  Second Chance
Vertefeuille, John  -  Sexual Chaos
Walker, James - Husbands Who Won't Lead and Wives Who Won't Follow
Walker, Laura Jensen  -  Dated Jekyll; Married Hyde
Wheat, Ed & Wheat, Gaye - Intended for Pleasure
Wiese, Bernard R.  & Stunnetz, Urban G.  -  Everything You Need to Know to Stay Married and Like It
Wright, H. Norman  -  The Secrets of a Lasting Marraige 
The Marraige Course (Manual)


Almer, William M.  -  UFO's in the New Age
Amano, J. Yutaka & Geisler, Norman L.  -  The Infiltration of the New Age
Baer, Randall N.  -  Inside the New Age Nightmare
Brown, Rebecca  -  He Came to Set the Captives Free
Cetnar, Bill & Joan  -  Questions for Jehovah's Witnesses
Harris, Jack  -  Freemasonry: The Invisible Cult in Our Midst
Hoekema, Anthony A.  -  The Four Major Cults
                                     -  Mormonism
Larson, Bob  -  Satanism: The Seduction of America's Youth
                      -  New Book of Cults
Lindsay, Hal  -  Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth
Marrs, Texe  -  Dark Majesty
Martin, Rachel & Young, Bonnie Palmer  -  Escape 
Martin, Dr. Walter  -  Martin Speaks Out on the Cults
                              -  The Maze of Mormonism
                              -  The New Cults
                              -  The Kingdom of the Cults
McDowell, Josh & Stewart, Don  -  Understanding the Cults
Moore, Peter C.  -  Disarming the Secular Gods
Murphey, Bob  -  Christianity Rubs Holes in My Religion
Reisser, Paul C.  -  New Age Medicine
Schenell, W. J.  -  Thirty Years a Watch Tower Slave
Shah, Douglas  -  The Mediators
Shaw, Jim & McKenny  -  The Deadly Deception
Tyson, Basil  -  UFO's Satanic Terror
Weldon, John & Levitt, Zola  -  Encounters with UFO's
White, Mel  -  Decieved
Williams, John Alden  -  Islam  

Women's Issues

Light My Path For Women
Barnes, Emilie - Survival for Busy Women
Beardsley, Lou & Spry, Tom  -  The Fulfilled Woman
Christenson, Evelyn  -  "Lord Change Me"
                               -  What Happens When Women Pray
                               -  Two By Evelyn
Cooper, Mildred & Fanning, Martha  -  What Every Woman Still Knows
Crossroads Publications  -  God's Gift for Mother's
                                       -  Prayers That Avail Much for Mothers
Deatrick, Mary  -  Sexual Maturity for Women
Deen, Edith  -  The Bible's Legacy for Womanhood
Elliot, Elisabeth  -  Let Me Be a Woman
Etheridge, Shannon & Arteburn, Stephen - Every Young Woman's Battle
George, Elizabeth  -  The Lord Is My Shepherd
Hagin, Kenneth E.  -  The Woman Question
Hendricks, Jeanne  -  A Mother's Legacy
Higgs, Liz Curtis  -  Bad Girls of the Bible
                           -  Really Bad Girls of the Bible
Holmes, Marjorie  -  I've Got to Talk to Somebody God
Howard, Linda  -  Mothers Are People Too
Hunt, Gladys  -  Ms. Means Myself
Joseph, Leisha  -  Little Girl Lost: One Woman's Journey Beyond Rape
LaHaye, Beverly  -  The Spirit Controlled Woman
LaHaye, Tim  -  Understanding the Male Temperament
Littauer, Florence  -  Blow Away the Black Clouds
                             -  Hope For Hurting Women
                             - Wake Up Women: Submission Doesn't Mean Stupidity
Ludy, Leslie - Authentic Beauty: Going Deeper.  A Study Guide
Means, Marsha  -  Living With Your Husband's Secret Wars
Michels, Nancy  -  Helping Women Recover From Abortion
Morgan, Marabel  -  The Total Woman
                             -  The Electric Woman
Neff, Miriam  -  Discover Your Worth
Orthund, Ann  -  Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman
Price, Eugenia  -  Woman to Woman
                        -  A Woman's Choice: Living Through Your Problems
Rubietta, Jane  -  Quiet Places: A Woman's Guide to Personal Retreat
Rutledge, Evelyn  -  Through Sorrow's Gates
Sanford, Ruth  -  Do You Feel Alone in the Spirit?
Sekowsky, JoAnne  -  A Christian Road Map for Women Travelling Alone
Smalley, Gary - Winning Your Husband Back Before It's Too Late
Snowden, Rita  -  More Prayers for Women
Tompkins, Iverna  -  How To Be Happy in No Man's Land
Welliver, Dotskey  -  Lord, Why Do They Always Want Hot Dogs?
White, Ruth  -  Be the Woman You Want to Be
Williams, Pattie  -  Husbands!  For Wives Only
Woodrow, Ralph  -  Women's Adornment:  What Does the Bible Really Say?
Wright, H. Norman  -  Questions Women Ask in Private