Alphabetical Catalog


Abrams, Tony - Take Another Look at Guidance (christian living)
                        - Perfection (christian living)

Adams, James E. - Three to Win (ministry/ leadership)

Adams, Marie  -  I Married a Monk (biography/autobiography)

Adeney, Carol (editor) - This Morning with God (Vol III)  (bible study/ devotional)

Adkins, Mike  -  A Man Called Norman  (biography/autobiography)

Alcorn, Randy - Money, Posessions and Eternit (health/finances)

Aldrich, Joseph C.  -  Life-Style Evangelism  (ministry/leadership)

Allen, Charles L. - The Touch of the Master's Hand   (christian living)

Allen, Edith Beavers  -  Bible Games  (ministry/ leadership)

Allen, Tom  -  I Wish You Could Meet My Mom and Dad (parenting)

Allender, Dan B.  -  The Wounded Heart (healing)

Allison, K. J.  -  Teaching Children as the Spirit Leads  (ministry/leadership)

Alnor, William M.  -  UFO's in the New Age (religions)

Alsdurf, James & Alsdurf, Phyllis - Battered into Submission (healing)

Amano, J. Yutaka & Geisler, Norman L.  -  The Infiltration of the New Age (religions)

Anderson, Colena M. - Joy Beyond Grief (grief/loss)

Anderson, Gordon L. R.  -  Orphans & Kings (christian living)

Anderson, Neil T. & Russo, Steve - The Seduction of Our Children (parenting)

Anderson, Neil T. & Park, Dave   -  The Bondage Breaker  (christian living)
                                                -  The Bondage Breaker Study Guide (christian living)

Anderson, Ken et al.  -  The Family that Makes It (parenting)

Anderson, Phillip Longfellow  -  The Gospel in Disney (christian living)

Anson, Elva - How to Keep the Family that Prays Together from Falling Apart (parenting)

Antonio, Gene - Aids: Rage and Reality (contemporary issues)

Aranza, Jacob & Lamson, Theresa - A Reasonable Reason to Wait (relationships)

Armstrong, Karen - Jerusalem (christology)

Arnott, John - The Father's Blessing (healing)

Arterburn, Stephen & Stoeker, Fred  -  Every Man's Battle (men's issues)

Arthur, Kay  -  Overcoming Fear & Discouragement (bible study/ devotional)
                    -  Choosing Victory & Overcoming Defeat (bible study/ devotional)
                    -  Teach Me Your Ways (bible study/ devotional)

Astahoff, N.I. Salof - Touching Heaven by Prayer (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Atkins, Susan  -  Child of Satan: Child of God  (biography/ autobiography)

Augsburger, David - Caring Enough to Confront (christian living)
                              - The Freedom of Forgiveness (christian living)
                              -  Caring Enough to Not Forgive (christian living)

Aylward, Gladyse  -  The Little Woman (biography/ autobiography)


Bacon, Judith et al. - You and Your Priorities (christian living)

Backus, William - Telling Each Other the Truth (relationships)

Baedeker, Dr. Frederick & Underwood, Horace  -  Heroes of the Cross  (biography/ autobiography)

Baer, Randall N.  -  Inside the New Age Nightmare  (religions)

Bailey, Faith Coxe  -  Adoniram \Judson: America's First Foreign Missionary (bio/autobiography)
                              -  George Muller: He Dare to Trust God For the Needs of Countless
                                     Orphans (bio/autobiography)

Bainton, Roland H. - Sex, Love and Marriage (relationships)

Baker, Elizabeth - Who Am I: A Woman's Guide to Self Acceptance (healing)

Baker, H.A.  -  Plains of Glory and Gloom (bio/autobiography)

Baker, Robert J. - God Healed Me  (healing)

Baldwin, Stanley C.  -  If I'm Created in God's Image Why Does it Hurt to Look in ... (christian living)

Barbour Books -  The Bible Promise Book (bible study/ devotional)

Barclay, William  -  The Letter to the Romans (bible study/ devotional)

Barnes, Emilie  -  The Promise of Hope (inspirational)
                           - Survival for Busy Women (womens)

Barney, Kenneth D.  -  A Faith to Live By (bible study/ devotional)

Barrett, C. K. - Freedom & Obligation (bible study/ devotional)

Barrett, Ethel  -  Will the Real Phony Pease Stand Up?  (bible study/ devotional)

Barrile, Jackie - Confessions of a Closet Eater (health/ finances)

Baucom, John - Help Your Children Say No to Drugs (parenting)

Baughman, Ray E.  -  The Abundant Life (bible study/ devotional)

Bayley, Joseph  -  I Love to Tell the Story: Diary of a Sunday School Teacher (bio/ autobiography)

Bayliss, Albert H.  -  On the Way to Jesus (bible study/ devotional)

Beall, James Lee - Laying the Foundation (bible study/devotional)

Beardsley, Low & Spry, Tom - The Fulfilled Woman (women's issues)

Beegle, Dewey M.  -  God's Word into English  (leadership/ministry)

Beers, Gilbert - The Discovery Bible Handbook (bible study/ devotional)

Beeson, Ray & Hunsicker, Ranelda Mack  - The Hidden Price of Greatness (bio/autobiography)

Belton, Raymond H.  - Cannibals for Christ (bio/autobiography)

Benoit, David - Fourteen Things Witches Hope Parents Never Find Out (parenting)

Berry, Jo - Proverbs for Easier Living (bible study/ devotional)

Bertolini, Dewey  -  Secret Wounds and Silent Cries  (christian living)

Billheimer, Paul E. - Destined to Overcome (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                             -  Love Covers (ministry/leadership)

Bingham, Helen E.  - An Irish Saint (Holy Ann) (bio/autobiography)

Bishop, Jim - Go With God: A Treasury of the Great Prayers (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Blackaby, Henry & Richard  -  Spiritual Leadership (ministry/ leadership)

Blackmore, Leonard & Mary - From the Goatpen to the Sheepfold  (bio/ autobiography)

Blessitt, Arthur - A Walk With the Cross (bio/autobiography)

Boice, James Montgomery - The Sermon on the Mount (bible study/ devotional)

Bombay, Cal - The Wisdom of Nature (bible study/ devotional) 
                     - A View from the Barn (bible study/ devotional)
                     - Let My People Go (bio/autobiography)

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich & VonWedemeyer, Maria - Love Letters from Cell 92 (bio/autobiography)

Bonnke, Reinhard  -  Evangelism by Fire  (ministry/ leadership)

Boone, Pat - Twixt Twelve and Twenty (youth)
                   - A New Song (bio/autobiography)
                    -  My Brother's Keeper (bio/autobiography)

Bosworth, F. F.  -  Christ the Healer  (healing)

Bottomly, Colonel Heath  - Prodigal Father (bio/autobiography)

Bounds, E. M. - Power Through Prayer (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                        - The Weapon of Prayer (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Bower, Robert K.  -  Administering Christian Education  (ministry/ leadership)

Boyer, Pam - Forever Friends (relationships)

Bradford, Judge Kermit  -  Miracle on Death Row (bio/ autobiography)

Bradley, John D. - Christian Career Planning (Workbook) (health/ finances)

Brand, Dr. Paul & Yancy, Philip  -  In His Image  (christian living)

Brandt, Robert L.  -  Soul Winning  (ministry/ leadership)

Brenneman, Helen  -  God - Meditations for the New Mother  (christian living)

Bridges, Jerry  -  You Can Trust God (christian living)
                        -  The Pursuit of Holiness (christian living)

Bright, William R. - Ten Basic Steps Toward Christian Maturity Teachers Manual (inc. Student books)                     (ministry/leadership)

Briscoe, D. Stuart  -  The Fullness of Christ (christology)
                              -  Secrets of Spiritual Stamina (christian living)

Briscoe, Jill  -  The One Year Book of Devotions for Women (bible study/ devotional)

Brock, Raymond T  -  The Christ Centered Family (parenting)

Brooks, Pat - Out! In the Name of Jesus (healing)

Brother Andrew - When Jesus Prayed...Insights to Improve your Prayer Life (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                           -  God's Smuggler (bio/ autobiography)
                           -  Building in a Broken World  (ministry/leadership)

Brother David  -  God's Smuggler to China (bio/ autobiography) 

Brown, Grace  - Top of the World (bio/ autobiography)

Brown, Joan Winmill - No Longer Alone (bio/ autobiography)

Brown, Jim  -  The Imperfect Board Member (ministry/ leadership)

Brown, Rebecca - Becoming a Vessel of Honor in the Master's Service (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                           -  He Came to Set the Captives Free (religions)

Bruce, F. F.  -  The Pauline Circle (bible study/ devotional)

Bryant, Al  -  Religious Plays that Click  (ministry/ leadership)

Buba, Donald L. & Ricketts, Sarah M.  -  Building People  (ministry/ leadership)

Buckingham, Jamie - Risky Living: Keys to Inner Healing (christian living)
                               -   Daughter of Destiny: Kathryn Kuhlmann..her story (bio/autobiography)

Bump, N. Hale - How to Succeed in Business without Being a Pagan (health/ finances)

Bunyan. John - Christian Behavior (christian living)
                      -  The House of God  (ministry/ leadership)

Burgess, Alan  -  The Small Woman  (bio/autobiography)

Burns, Ridge & Campbell, Pam  -  Create in Me a Youth Ministry  (ministry/ leadership)

Burton, Barry  -  Let's Weigh the Evidence (apologetics)


Campbell, Dr. Ross - How to Really Love Your Teenager (parenting)
                               - How to Really Love Your Child (parenting)

Canfield, Carolyn  - The Story of Isobel Kuhn (bio/autobiography)
Canfield, Jack et al  -  Chicken Soup For the Christian Soul (inspirational)
                             -  A Second Helping of Chicken Soup For the Soul (inspirational)
                             -  Chicken Soup For the Golden Soul  (inspirational)
                             -  Chicken Soup For the Christian Family Soul  (inspirational)
                             -  Chicken Soup For the Woman's Soul  (inspirational)

Cantelon, Brent et al.  -  Tenacious  (christian living)

Cantelon, Elmer J.  - Harvester of the North (bio/ autobiography)

Carmichael, Amy  -  If  (inspirational)

Carothers, Merlin R. - Answers to Praise (praise)
                                 - Power in Praise (praise)
                                  - Victory on Praise Mountain (praise)
                                 -  Walking & Leaping (bio/ autobiography)
                                 -  More Power to You (christian living)
                                 -  What's On Your Mind?  (christian living)

Cash, Johnny - Man in Black (bio/autobiography)

Casteel, John L. - The Promise of Prayer (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Cerullo, Morris  -  Two Men from Eden (men's issues)
                          - Why Do the Righteous Suffer? (christian living)

Cetnau, Bill & Joan  -  Questions for Jehovah's Witnesses  (religions)

Chafin, Kenneth  -  Is There a Family in the House? (parenting)

Chambers, Oswald - Still Higher for His Highest (bible study/ devotional)

Chapman, Gary & Thomas, Jennifer - The Five Language on Apology (relationships)

Choi, Rev. Ja Shil - Korean Miracles (bio/autobiography)

Christenson, Evelyn  -  Lord Change Me  (women's issues)
                                -  What Happens when Women Pray (women's issues)
                                -  Two By Evelyn (women's issues)
                                - A Journey into Prayer (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Christenson, Larry  -  The Christian Family (parenting)
                               -  The Renewed Mind (christian living)

Christenson, Larry & Nordis - The Christian Couple (relationships)

Chriswell, W. A.  -  In Defense of the Faith (apologetics)

Clark, Glenn - The Man Who Talks with Flowers (bio/autobiography)

Clark, Molly - The Taming of Molly (bio/autobiography)

Cloud, Dr. Henry & Townsend, Dr. John - Boundaries in Dating (relationships)
                                                                -  Safe People (relationships)

Coke, Karl P. - God is Charismatic (christology)

Colbert, Don MD  -   The Bible Cure for Menopause (health/ finances)
                           -  Deadly Emotions (healing)

Cole, Edwin  -  Strong Men in Tough Times (men's issues)
                     - Maximized Manhood (men's issues)

Coleman, Dr. Robert E. - The Maste Plan of Evangelism (ministry/ leadership)

Coleman, William - My Magnificent Machine: Fifty-two Unusual Devotions for Families with Small 
                      Children (parenting)
                          - Before I Give you Away: A Parent's Thoughts on Marraige (relationships)

Collins, Gary R. - Coping with Christmas (contemporary issues)

Colson, Charles  -  The Body Being Light in Darkness  (ministry/ leadership)
                           -  The One Year Devotions for People of Purpose (biblestudy/devotional)

Colson, Charles & Vaughn, Evelyn  -  Being the Body (christian living)

Colton, Ann Ree - Watch Your Dreams (healing)

Conn, Charles Paul - The New Johnny Cash (bio/autobiography)

Cooper, Darien B. - How to Be Happy Though Young (youth)

Cooper, Kenneth - Aerobics (health/ finances)

Cooper, Mildred & Fanning, Martha  -  What Every Woman Still Knows  (women's issues)

Copeland, Gloria - Connecting With God's Master Plan for Your Life (bible study/devotional)

Cornwall, Patricia - The Story of Ruth Bell Graham (bio/autobiography)
                            - A Time For Remembering: The Ruth Bell Graham Story (bio/autobiography)

Cornwall, Judson - Let Us Praise (praise)
                            -  Let Us Abide (christian living)
                          - Let Us Worship: The Believer's Response to God (christian living)

Corts, John & Riggs, Charles  -  Radical Committment  (ministry/ leadership)

Coster, Dr. Les - Imperative People (healing)

Covey, Sean - Daily Reflections for Highly Effective Teens (youth)

Cowman, Mrs. Charles - Springs in the Valley (bible study/ devotional)
                                     - Streams in the Desert Vol II (bible study/ devotional)

Coyle, Neva - Free to Be Thin: Study Guide No. 1 (health/ finances)

Crabb, Dr. Larry - The Silence of Adam: Becoming men of Courage in a World of Chaos (men)
                            - Bringing Home the Joy (relationships)
                           - Inside Out (healing)

Crabb, Lawrence J. & Allender, Dan B.  -  Encouragement  (ministry/ leadership)

Cranor, Phoebe  -  Why Did God Let Grandpa Die?  (grief / loss)

Crawford, Don - Red Star Over Cuba (bio/autobiography) 

Crosby, Robert & Pamela - Now We're Talking (relationships)

Croyle, John - Bringing Out the Winner in Your Child (parenting)

Cruz, Nicky - Satan on the Loose (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                   - Run Baby Run (bio/autobiography)

Cunningham, Lor (ed.)  -  Helping the World to See  (christian living)

Currie, Winifred  -  Creative Classroom Communications  (ministry/ leadership)

Curtis, Brent - Guilt (bible study/devotional)


Dahl, Gerald L.  -  Everybody Needs Somebody Sometime  (relationships)

Daniels, Velma Seawell  -  I'm Glad You're My Friend  (inspirational)

Davey, Cyril J. - The Story of Sadhu Sundar Singh (bio/autobiography)
                        - On the Clouds to China: The Story of Hudson Taylor (bio/autobiography)
                        - Never Say Die (bio/autobiography)

Davies, J. G. - The Early Christian Church (christology)

Davis, Creath  -  Sent to be Vulnerable (christian living)

Davis, Walter Bruce - William Carey: Father of Modern Missions (bio/autobiography)

Dayton, Edward R  & Engstrom, Ted W.  -  Strategie for Leadership (ministry/ leadership)

Deal, Dr. William S. - Picking a Partner (relationships)

Deatrick, Mary - Sexual Maturity for Women (women's issues)

Deen, Edith - The Bible's Legacy for Womanhood (women's issues)

deGasztold, Carmen Bernos  -  Prayers from the Ark  (inspirational)

DeHaan, Richard W.  -  Good News for Bad Times (bible study/ devotional)

deMeyer, Jenny - Adventures With God (bio/autobiography)

DeVries, John F. -  Our Life Together (christian living)

Dick, Dan R. - Devotions for Dieters (bible study/devotional)

Diehl, Dr. Hans - To Your Health (health/ finances)

Dixon, Patrick  -  Signs of Revival (ministry/ leadership)

Doan, Eleanor  -  Creative Handcrafts (ministry/ leadership)

Dobbie, Sir William - A Very Present Help (bio/autobiography)

Dobbins, Richard - Train up a Child... (parenting)

Dobson, Dr. James  -  What Wives wish their Husband's Knew About Women 
                                         (women's issues/relationships)
                                -  Dare to Discipline  (parenting)
                                - Hide or Seek: How to Build Self Esteem in Your Child (parenting)
                                - Discipline with Love (parenting)
                                - Parenting Isn't For Cowards (parenting)
                                - The New Dare to Discipline (parenting)
                                - Preparing for Adolescence (parenting)
                                -  Turning Hearts Toward Home (christian living)
                                -  Dr. Dobson Answers Your Questions (christian living)
                                - In the Arms of God (inspirational)
                                 - Baby & Child Care (parenting)
                                 - When God Doesn't Make Sense (christian living)
Dobson, Dr.James & Shirley - Night Light (bible study/ devotional)

Dockery, Karen - Youth Workers & Parents (ministry/ leadership)

Dodson, Dr. Fitzhugh - The You that Could Be (christian living)

Draper, Edythe - Living Light (bible study/ devotional)

Dresselhaus, Richard L.  -  Teaching for Decision (ministry/ leadership)

Drost, Bill - Man With a Destiny: Bill Drost the Pentecost (bio/autobiography)

Duck, Daymond R.  -  Revelation: God's Word for the Biblically Inept (bible study/ devotional)

Dudley, Cliff - Like a Mighty Wind (bio/autobiography)

Duewel, Wesley L.  -  Ablaze for God (ministry/ leadership)

Duncan, George - Every Day with Jesus (bible study/ devotional)

Dyer, Charles H.  -  The Rise of Babylon (prophesy)

Dyer, Donita - Bright Promise: The Phenomenal Story of the Korean Helen Keller (bio/autobiography)


Eareckson, Joni - Joni (bio/autobiography)

Eareckson, Joni & Estes, Steve - A Step Further (bio/autobiography)

Eareckson-Tada, Joni  -  Choices and Changes  (christian living)

Eastman, Brett et al - Beginning Life Together (bible study/ devotional)
                            - Growing to Be Like Christ (bible study/ devotional)

Eastman, Dick -  No Easy Road: Inspirational Thoughts on Prayer (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                       - Love on it's Knees (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                         - The Hour that Changes the World (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Edge, Findley B.  -  Teaching for Results  (ministry/ leadership)

Edgerly, George A. & Crosby Harold E.  -  Strategies for Sunday School Growth  (ministry/ leadership)

Edwards, Gene - A Tale of Three Kings (inspirational)

Egan, Gerard  - The Skilled Helper  (ministry/ leadership)

Eggericks, Fred & Palmer, Bernard W. - A Bag Without a Hole (health/ finances)

Eims, LeRoy  -  What Every Christian Should Know About Growing (bible study/ devotional)

Eldredge, John  -  Waking the Dead (christian living)
                       - Wild at Heart (men's issues)

Eller, T. Suzanne - Real Teens, Real Stories, Real Life (bio/autobiography)

Elliot, Elisabeth  -  Let me Be a Woman  (women's issues)
                         -  Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot (bio/autobiography)
                         -  God's Guidance: A Slow & Certain Light (christian living)
                         -  Loneliness  (christian living)

Ellis, Alda - Beyond Breast Cancer (health/ finances)

Ellis, William T. - Billy Sunday: The Man and His Message (bio/autobiography)

Enerson, Chas G. - Venture into Faith (bio/autobiography)

Engstrom, Ted W.  & MacKenzie, R. Alec  -  Managing Your Time (christian living)

Enroth, Ronald M. - Churches that Abuse (healing)

Enticknap, C. G.  -  Every Believer Evangelism (ministry/ leadership)

Epp, Theodore H.  -  Romans Vol II:  Living By Faith (bible study/devotional)
                              -  Portraits of Christ in the Tabernacle  (christology)

Erickson, Millard J. - Introducing Christian Doctrine  (ministry/leadership)

Etheridge, Shannon & Arterburn, Stephen - Every Young Woman's Battle: Workbook (womens)

Evangelical Fellowship of Canada  - Innocence Preserved: Protecting Children from Child 
                         Pornography  (contemporary issues) 

Evans, David G. - Healed Without Scars (healing)

Evans, Rhelda M. - Stress and the Christian (christian living)

Evans, Tony - The Kingdom Agenda (christian living)
                    -  Guiding Your Family in a Misguided World (parenting)

Everest, Quinton J. - Sermons from Isaiah  (bible study/ devotional)

Everett, C. & Koop, Elizabeth  -  Sometimes Mountains Move  (grief/ loss)

Ewert, David  -  The Church in a Pagan Society (bible study/ devotional)

Exel, Godfrey W.  -  Live Happily With the Woman You Love  (relationships)


Fagerstrom, Douglas L. - Single to Single (bible study/ devotional)

Fanning, Martha & Cooper, Mildred  -  What Every Woman Still Knows (women's issues)

Farrell, Bill & Pam  -  Men Are Like Waffles Women Are Like Spaghetti  (relationships)

Feucht, Oscar E.  -  Learning to Use Your Bible (bible study/ devotional)

Finney, Charles G.  - Power From on High (bio/autobiography)
                              -  Crystal Christianity  (christian living)
                              - Principles of Holiness (christian living)
                               - Lectures on Revival (ministry/leadership)

Fishel, Kent M. & DeSelm, Joel D. - Break Through (bible study/devotional)

Fitt, A. P. - Life of D. L. Moody (bio/autobiography)

Fitzmyer, Joseph A.  -  Paul and His Theology (christology)

Fitzpatrick, Graham - Dreams & Visions (healing)

Fleming, Jean  -  The Homesick Heart (christian living)

Fletcher, Lionel B. - Mighty Moments (bio/autobiography) 

Florio, Anthony - Two to Get Ready (relationships)

Flynn, Leslie B.  -  Holy Controversies  (apologetics)

Foley, Doug - How Great I Was (bio/autobiography)

Ford, Charles W.  -  Learning From Hebrews (bible study/ devotional)

Ford, Leighton - Sandy: A Heart for God (bio/autobiography)

Ford, W. Herschel - Sermons You Can Preach on John (bible study/ devotional)

Fowler, Paul B. - Aborthion: Towards an Evangelical Consensus (contemporary issues)

Fox, Emmet - The Sermon on the Mount (bible study/ devotional)

Foxe, John - Foxe's Christian Martyrs of the World (bio/autobiography)

Foy, Jessie Gray - Gone is Shadow's Child (parenting)

Frank, Don & Jan - When Victims Marry (relationships)

Frank, Jan  -  A Door of Hope  (healing)

Freeman, Joel A.  -  Living With Your Conscience  (christian living)

Friedman, Edwin H. - Generation to Generation (ministry/ leadership)

Friesen, James G. - The Truth about Fake Memory Syndrome (healing)

Frodsham, Stanley Howar - Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle of Faith (bio/autobiography)

Fromke, DeVern  -  Life's Ultimate Privelege (bible study/ devotional)

Frost, Jack - Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship (christian living)


Garrison, Marjorie King - Happy Families are Homemade (parenting)

Gasztold, Carmen Benos de - Prayers from the Ark (prayer/spiritual warfare/poetry)

Gee, Donald - Fruitful or Barren (Holy Spirit)

Geisler, Norman & Feinberg, Paul - Introduction to Philosophy: A Christian Perspective 
                                                   (contemporary issues)

George, Carl F.  -  Prepare Your Church for the Future  (ministry/ leadership)

Gerard, Bernice - Bernice Gerard Today and For Life (bio/autobiography)

Getz, Gene  -  The Measure of a Man (men's issues) 

George, Elizabeth  -  The Lord is My Shepherd  (women's issues) 
                               - Following God With All Your Heart (christian living)

Gillespie, Natalie Nichols - The Stepfamily Survival Guide (relationships)

Gillies, John  -  Care Giving: When Someone You Love Grows Old (grief/ loss)

Glover, Robert  -  The Progress of World- Wide Missions  (ministry/ leadership)

Godfrey, George  -  How to Win Souls and Influence People for Heaven (ministry/ leadership)

Goetz, William R.  -  Apocalypse Next (prophesy)

Goff, Charles Ray  -   Chapel In the Sky (christian living)

Goforth, J - By My Spirit (bio/autobiography)

Goforth, Rosalind - Goforth of China (bio/autobiography)

Gold, Ann & Briller, Sara Welles  -  Diet Watchers Guide (health/ finances)

Gordon, S. D. - Quiet Talks on Power (bio/autobiography)
                       -  Quiet Talks with World Sinners  (ministry/ leadership)

Gossett, Don - Praise Ave. (praise)

Graedorf, Werner C.  -  Introduction to Biblical Christian Education (ministry/ leadership)

Graff, Mab  -  God Loves My Kitchen Best (bible study/ devotional)

Graham, Billy  -  The Jesus Generation  (parenting) 
                       -  Approaching Hoofbeats (prophesy)
                       -  The Billy Graham Christian Worker's Handbook  (ministry/ leadership)
                       -  Facing Death and the Life After (grief/ loss)
                        -  'Till Armageddon: A Perspective on Suffering (christian living)
                        - Nearing Home (christian living)
                        - The Holy Spirit (holy spirit)

Graham, Billy et. al -  Words that Changed Millions  (ministry/ leadership)

Graham, Franklin - Rebel With a Cause- Finally Comfortable Being Graham (bio/autobiography)

Graham, Ruth Bell - Sitting By My Laughing Fire (bio/autobiography)
                              - It's My Turn (bio/autobiography)
                            -  Letters from Ruth's Attic (bible study/devotional)

Gray, John - Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (relationships)

Green, Melody & Hazard, David - No Compromise The Life Story of Keith Green (bio/autobiography)

Green, Keith et al  -   The Last Days Collection (prophesy)

Griffith, Harry C. - Adventure in Discipleship (bible study/devotional)

Grubb, Norman - The Spontaneous You (christian living)
                          - Rees Howells Intercessor (bio/autobiography)

Grunlan, Stephan & Reimer, Milton - Christian Perspectives on Sociology (contemporary issues)

Guernsey, Dennis - Thoroughly Married (relationships)

Hacking, W. - Smith Wigglesworth Remembered (bio/autobiography)

Haist, Coralee - How Great Oh God Thou Art (bio/autobiography)

Hakes, J. Edward  -  An Introductionto Evangelical Christian Education  (ministry/ leadership)

Hale, Thomas - Don't Let the Goats Eat the Loquat Trees (bio/autobiography)

Hallesby, O.  -  Under His Wings (christian living)

Hammond, Beth - The Desperate Dieter (health/ finances)

Hammond, Emily - The Golden Treasury of the Bible (bible study/ devotional)

Hammond, Michelle McKinney  -  Intimate Thoughts Whispered Prayers  (inspirational)

Hanny, Diane  -  Closer Than My Shadow  (parenting)

Hansel, Tim - When I Relax I Feel Guilty (christian living)

Harbaugh, Gary L.  -  God's Gifted Peopl (christian living)

Harley, Willard F. - His Needs: Her Needs (relationships)
                             -  Buyers, Renters and Freeloaders (relationships)

Harlow, R.E. & G.J. - Come and Dine (bible study/ devotional)

Harper, Michael  -  Let My People (ministry/ leadership)

Harris, Charles  -  What's Ahead?  (prophesy)
                         -  Proofs of Christianity  (apologetics)

Harris, Jack  -  Freemasonry: The Invisible Cult in Our Midst (religions)

Harrison, Eugene Myers  -  How to Win Souls  (ministry/ leadership)

Hart, Dr. Archibald - Healing Adult Children of Divorce (healing)

Hartman, Jack  -  How to Study the Bible (bible study/ devotional)

Harvey, E.F. & L. - Kneeling We Triumph (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Haukka, Hannu - Only Believe! (bio/autobiography)

Hausman, Patricia & Hurley, Judith Benn - The Healing Foods (health/ finances)

Hayford, Jack  -  The Finger of God (bible study/ devotional)
                        -  The Messiah in Stereo  (bible study/ devotional)
                        -  The Greatest Word Ever Spoken: Jesus (bible study/ devotional)
                        - God's Way to Wholeness (healing)
                        - Kingdom Warfare (healing)

Haystead, Wesley - You Can't Begin Too Soon (parenting)
                             -  Ways to Plan and Organize your Sunday School  (ministry/ leadership)

Hebding, Daniel & Glick, Leonard - Introduction to Sociology (contemporary issues)

Hefley, James C.  -  Sacred Cows Make Good Hamburgers  (inspirational)

Hefley, James & Marti - God's Tribesman: The Rochunga Pudaite Story (bio/autobiography)
                                    - Uncle Cam (bio/autobiography)
                                     - No Time For Tombstones: Life and Death in the Vietnamese Jungle 

Heflin, Wallace H. - Power In Your Hand (prayer/ spiritual warfare)

Heitritter, Lynn & Vought, Jeanette - Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse (healing)

Hembree, Ron - The Speck in Your Brother's Eye (christian living)
                        - Mark (bio/autobiography)

Hemfelt, Dr. Robert et al - Love is a Choice (relationships)

Hendricks, Gay & Kathlyn - Conscious Loving (relationships)

Hendricks, Jeanne  -  A Mother's Legacy  (women's issues)

Henricksen, Walter - How to Discipline Your Children (parenting)

Hess, Margaret -  Esther: Courage in Crisis (bible study/ devotional)
                          - Love Knows No Barriers (relationships)

Hession, Roy  -  The Calvary Road (christian living)

Hickey, Marilyn  -  Your Personality Workout (christian living)
                         - Breaking Generational Curses (healing)

Hiebert, Geneva  -  Master of the Music  (inspirational)

Higgs, Lix Curtis - Bad Girls of the Bible (women's issues)
                           - Really Bad Girls of the Bible (women's issues)

Hill, Craig - Deceived: Who Me?  (christian living)
                 - The Ancient Paths (parenting)

Hill, Stan - A Bullet Stopped Me (bio/autobiography)

Hill, Stephen - On Earth as it is in Heaven (bible study/ devotional)

Hillis, Don W. - John: The Gospel of Light and Life (bible study/devotional)

Hindson, Ed - Overcoming Life's Toughest Problems (christian living)

Hinn, Benny - The Anointing (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                  -  Lamb of God (healing)
                  - Your Will Lord, Not Mine (christian living)

Hinn, Sam - Changed in His Presence (healing)

Hirschmann, Maria Anna - Hansi: The Girl Who Loved the Swastika (bio/autobiography)

Hitt, Russell T.  - Cannibal Valley (bio/autobiography)

Hoekema, Anthony A.  -  The Four Major Cults  (religions)
                                    -  Mormonism (religions)

Holiday, Chico & Owen, Bob - Holiday in Hell (bio/autobiography)

Holmes, Marjorie  -  I've Got to Talk to Somebody, God  (women's issues)

Horban, Michael - Hanging Loose in an Uptight World (christian living)

Horton, Stanley M. - What the Bible Says about the Holy Spirit (holy spirit)

Howard, Linda  -  Mother's are People Too  (women's issues)

Hubbard, David  -  Is the Family Here to Stay?  (parenting)

Humbard, Maude Aimee - Maude Aimee...I Look to the Hills (bio/autobiography)

Humbard, Rex - Praying With Power (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                        - How to Stay on Top When the Bottom Falls Out (christian living)

Hunt, Dave  -  Beyond Seduction: A Return to Biblical Christianity  (apologetics)

Hunt, Gladys  -  Ms. Means Myself  (women's issues)
                     - The God Who Understands Me (bible study/devotional)

Hunter, Archibald M.  -  The Parables Then and Now (christology)

Hunter, Francis Gardner - Hot Line to Heaven (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                                      - God's Answer to Fat: Lose It (health/ finances)
                                       -  Come Alive!  (christology)
                                       -  Hang Loose with Jesus  (christology)

Hunter, John E.  -  Living the Christ Filled Life (christian living)

Hunter, J. H. - Saint, Seer and Scientist: George Washington Carver (bio/autobiography)

Hurnard, Hannah  -  Hind's Feet On High Places (inspirational)

Hurst, D.V.  -  And He Gave Teachers (ministry/ leadership)

Hybels, Bill - Freedom: Breaking the Chains that Bind You (bible study/ devotional)
                 -  Too Busy Not to Pray (prayer)

Hyde, G & Vermillion, R - Angel Flight 44 (bio/autobiography)

Hyles, Jack  -  Church Bus Handbook  (ministry/ leadership)


Ivascu, Simon & Pop, Wesley - The Price of Freedom (bio/autobiography)

Iverson, Gerald D.  -  Ways to Plan and Organize your Sunday School (ministry/ leadership)

Jackson, S. Trevena - Fanny Crosby's Story (bio/autobiography)

Jacobs, Joan - Feelings! (christian living)

Jacobsen, Marion Leach  -  How To Keep Your Family Together and Still Have Fun (parenting)

Jakes, T. D. - Can You Stand to Be Blessed? (healing)
                  - Naked and Not Ashamed (healing)

Jarman, Dr. Charles & Benson Carmen  -  The Grace and the Glory of God (christology)

Jay, Ruth - Devotions for the Family Vol 3 (bible study/ devotional)

Jealous, Ernest W. - "Happy Jim" The Life Story of James Bryant (bio/autobiography)

Jeffrey, Grant R. - The Mysterious Bible Codes (contemporary issues)
                          -  Armageddon: Appointment with Destiny (prophesy)
                          -  Finding Financial Freedom  (health/ finances)

Jenkins, Jerry  - Light on the Heavy (bible study/ devotional)

Jensen, Amy Hillyard - Healing Grief (grief/loss)

Jensen, Margaret - First We Have Coffee (bio/autobiography)
                           -  Who Will Wind the Clock (grief/ loss)
                            -  A Nail in a Sure Place (christian living)

Jersak, Brad - Can You Hear Me? Tuning in to the God Who Speaks (prayer/ spiritual warfare)

Jilek-Aall, Louise - Working With Dr.Schweitzer (bio/autobiography)

Johnson, Barbara  -  Mama Get the Hammer! There's a Fly on Papa's Head! (christian living)

Johnson, Ruth J. - Devotions for Early Teens (youth)

Johnson, Jan  - Staying Sane in a Crazy World (bible study/ devotional)

Jones, E. Stanley  -  The Christ of the Indian Road  (christology)

Jordon, Bernice Claire  -  Whither Bound (ministry/ leadership)

Joseph, Leisha  -  Little Girl Lost: One Woman's Journey Beyond Rape  (healing)

Joy, Donald M. - Re-Bonding (relationships)

Joyner, Rick  -  There Were Two Trees In the Garden (christian living)
                    - The Harvest (prophesy)

Jurgensen, Barbara - Quit Bugging Me (youth)


Kac, Arthur W.  -  The Rebirth of the State of Isreal (prophesy)

Kaiser, Walter C. - Toward and Exegetical Theology (ministry/leadership)

Kane, H. Victor - Devotions for Dieters (health/ finances)

Katz, William - Protecting Your Children from Sexual Assault (parenting)

Kauffman, Donald H. - The Cross and the Dragon (bio/autobiography)

Kay, Ellie - Shop, Save, and Share (health/ finances)

Keetauver, Larry - Friends and Faith (ministry/leadership)

Keller, W. Phillip - Charles Bowen "Paul Bunyan of the Canadian West" (bio/autobiography)
                              - Mighty Man of Valor (bible study/ devotional)

Kenyon, E.W. - The Wonderful Name of Jesus (christology)

Kerr, John Charles  -  Hidden Riches Among the Poor (christian living)

Kesler, Jay - Energizing Your Teenager's Faith (parenting)
                  - Parents and Teenagers (parenting)

Kilby, Clyde S. - The Christian World of C.S. Lewis (inspirational)

Kilgore, James  -  Being a Man in a Woman's World (men's issues)

Kimmel, Dr. Tim  -  Raising Kids for True Greatness  (parenting)

King, Martin Luther Jr.  -  Strength to Love (christian living)

Kinnear, Angus L. - Against the Tide: The Story of Watchman Nee (bio/autobiography)

Kipp, Maxine  -  Living Life to the Fullest  (christian living)

Kirban, Salem - How to Keep Healthy and Be Happy Fasting (health/ finances)

Kise, Jane A.G. et al - LifeKeys (christian living)

Klopfenstein, Janette  -  My Walk Through Grief (grief/ loss)

Knaack, Twila - Ethel Waters: I Touched a Sparrow (bio/autobiography)

Knechtle, Cliffe  -  Give Me An Answer (apologetics)

Korth, Russ et al. - Submitting (ministry/ leadership)
                             - Leader's Guide: The Love One Another Bible Study (ministry/ leadership)

Kouradakov, Sergei - The Persecutor (bio/autobiography)

Kraft, Charles H. - Deep Wound Deep Healing (healing)

Kubetin, Cynthia A. & Mallory, James M.D. - Beyond the Darkness: Healing for Victims... (healing)

Kuglin, Robert J. - I Was the Devil's Egg (bio/autobiography)

Kuhlman, Katherine - God Can Do it Again (healing)
                                - 10,000 Miles for a Miracle (healing)
                                - Captain LeVrier Believes in Miracles (bio/autobiography)
                                - How Big is God? (bio/autobiography)
                                -  I believe in Miracles (healing)
                                -  From Medicine to Miracles (healing)
                                 - A Glimpse into Glory (healing)

Kuhnert, Heinz-Gunter - My Refuge (bio/autobiography)

Kulbeck, Gloria Grace - What God Hath Wrought (bio/autobiography)

Kunz, Marilyn & Schell, Catherine - Amos: Prophet of Lifestyle (bible study/devotional)
                                                 - How to Start a Neighborhood Bible Study (ministry/ leadership)


LaHaye, Beverly  -  The Spirit Controlled Woman  (women's issues)
                            - How to Develop your Child's Temperament (parenting)

LaHaye, Tim  -  I Love You, but Why are We so Different? (men's issues)
                      -  Understanding the Male Temperament  (women's issues)
                       - How to Be Happy Though Married (relationships)
                        - The Act of Marriage (relationships)
                       -  How to Study the Bible for Yourself (bible study/ devotional)

LaHaye, Tim & Beverly  -  The Spirit Filled Family  (parenting)
                                      - Spirit Controlled Family Living (parenting)

Lair, Jess & Lair, Jacqueline Carey  -  "Hey God, What Should I Do Now?"  (christian living)

Lake, Alexander - You Need Never Walk Alone (bio/autobiography)

Lam, Nora - China Cry (bio/autobiography)

Lamb, Bob - The Blood of Jesus a Foundation for Faith (bible study/devotional)

Larson, Bob  -  Satanism:  The Seduction of America's Youth (religions)
                      - New Book of Cults (religions)

Larson, Joseph T.  -  Christian Comfort (grief/ loss)

Lasky, William R. - Tell It On the Mountain (bio/autobiography)

Laurie, Greg & Swindoll, Charles  -  Passion for the Gospel  (ministry/ leadership)

Lavender, Lucille  -  Up the Staircase Backwards  (christian living)
                          -  They Cry Too  (christian living)

Law, Terry - The Power of Praise and Worship (praise)

Leak, J. Johnson - James Hannington (bio/autobiography)

Leggett, Gary  -  God's Word on the Family (parenting)

LeTourneau, R. G. - Mover of Men and Mountains (bio/autobiography)

Levengood, Miriam E.  -  Heart of Hospitality  (christian living)

Levitt, Zola  -  Jesus: The Jew's Jew  (christology)

Lewis, C. S.  -  Mere Christianity  (inspirational)
                    -  The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe  (inspirational)
                    -  The Screwtape Letters  (inspirational)

Lewis, Norman  -  Go Ye Means You  (ministry/ leadership)

Lieberman, Joshua Loth  -  Peace of Mind  (christian living)

Liefeld, Walter L. - New Testament Expostition (bible study/ devotional)

Liesch, Barry - The New Worship (praise and music)

Lightle, Steve  -  Exodus II: Let My People Go!  (prophesy)

Linamen, Karen Scalf - Pillow Talk (relationships)

Lindsay, Gordon - Prayer that Moves Mountains (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                           - The Art of Successful Praying (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                            -  John Alexander Dowie (bio/autobiography)
                           -  Fire Over the Holy Land (prophesy)
                            -  The Triunity of the Godhead (christology)
                           -  World Evangelism Now  (ministry/ leadership)
                            - Gifts of the Spirit (Holy Spirit)
                            - Through the Bible Series (Various vol 1-37) (bible study/devotional)

Litfin, A. Duane  -  Public Speaking: A Handbook for Christians  (ministry/ leadership)

Littauer, Fred & Florence - Freeing Your Mind from Memories that Bind (christian living)

Littauer, Florence  -  Blow Away the Black Clouds (healing)
                             -  Hope for Hurting Women  (healing)
                            - How to Get Along With Difficult People (healing)
                           - Wake Up Women: Submission Doesn't Mean Stupidity (women)

Little, Paul E.  -  Know Why You Believe  (apologetics)
                      -  Know What You Believe (apologetics)

London, H. B. Jr. et al - Refresh, Renew, Revive (ministry/leadership)
                                 - Pastors at Greater Risk (ministry/leadership)

Lorimer, Albert W. - God Runs My Business: The Story of R.G. LeTourneau (bio/autobiography)

Lotz, Anne Graham - Just Give Me Jesus (bio/autobiography)

Lucado, Max - Life Lessons: Books of Ezra & Nehemiah (bible study/ devotional)
                     - Next Door Savior (christian living)
                     -  No Wonder They Call Him Savior  (christian living)
                     -  Just Like Jesus  (christian living)
                     -  When Christ Comes (prophesy)
                     - One Incredible Moment (inspirational)
                     - In the Grip of Grace (christian living)
                      - The Path to Greatness (bible study/ devotional)
                      - But Joy Comes in the Morning (bible study/ devotional)
                      - Romans (bible study/ devotional)
                      - Give it All to Him (christian living)
                      - A Love Worth Giving (christian living)

Luckey, Camilla Dayton  -  You Can Live On Half Your Income (health/ finances)

Ludwig, Charles S. - Wonderful Jesus (bio/autobiography)

Ludy, Leslie - Authentic Beauty: Going Deepeer (A Study Guide) (womens)

Lueking, F. Dean  -  Preaching: The Art of Connecting God and People  (ministry/ leadership)

Lupton, J.  Daniel  -  I Like Church But...  (christian living)

Lutzer, Erwin W. - Your Eternal Reward (christology)


MacArthur, John Jr.  -  The Love of God  (christian living)

MacDonald, Gordon  -  Ordering Your Private World  (christian living)
                                    - Rebuilding Your Broken World (healing)

MacDonald, Hope - Discovering how to Pray (prayer/spiritual warfare)

MacGregor, Malcolm - Your Money Matters (health/ finances)

Mackay, Joy  -  Raindrops Keep Falling on My Tent  (ministry/ leadership)

MacNutt, Francis - Healing (healing)

Madison, Richard L. - A Miracle in the Making (healing)
                                 - A Miracle in the Making: Raised from the Dead (bio/autobiography)

Mahoney, Ralph  -  Is a New Wave of Revival Coming? (ministry/ leadership)

Mainse, David - The Blessing Book (bible study/ devotional)
                       - New Direction Bible Reading Guide Vol 1  (bible study/ devotional)
                       - New Direction Bible Reading Guide Vol 2  (bible study/ devotional)
                        - Day Unto Day (Winter)  (bible study/ devotional)
                        - Day Unto Day (Summer)  (bible study/ devotional)
                        - 100 (bio/autobiography)
                        - 100 Huntley Street (bio/autobiography)
                        -  God Keep Our Land (prophesy)
                        -  Divorce Always Hurts (christian living)
                        -  Giving Is Never Enough (christian living)
                        -  Talk Back  (christian living)
                        -  What Matters Most  (christian living)
                       -  Home Improvement (christian living)

Mainse, Karen Burton  -  Open Heart Open Home  (christian living)

Mainse, Norma-Jean  -  God's Gift for Mother's (women's issues)

Mainse, Dr. Roy Lake - A Happy Heart (bio/autobiography)

Makimau, Julie & Sobie, Amy - Victims and Victors (healing)

Malz, Betty - Prayers That Are Answered (bio/autobiography)

Managalwadi, Ruth & Vishal - William Carey: A Tribute By an Indian Woman (bio/autobiography)

Manion, Jeff - The Land Between (healing)
Marchiano, Bruce  -  In the Footsteps of Jesus (christology)

Marrs, Texe  -  Mystery Mark of the New Age (prophesy)
                    -  Dark Majesty (religions)

Marshall, L. Howard - Luk: Historian & Theologian (bible study/devotional) 

Marshall, Catherine - Meeting God at Every Turn (bio/autobiography)
                            - Mr Jones Meet the Master: Sermons and Prayers of Peter Marshall     
                           -  The Helper  (christian living)
                           -  Something More (christian living)
                           -  A Man Called Peter  (inspirational)
                           - To Live Again (bio/autobiography)
                           - Beyond Ourselves (bio/autobiography)
Martin, Dorothy - Creative Family Worship (parenting)

Martin, Rachel & Young, Bonnie Palmer -  Escape (religions)

Martin, Ralph P. - The Worship of God (praise/music)

Martin, Dr. Walter  -  The Kingdom of the Cults (religions)
                              -  Martin Speaks Out on the Cults (religions)
                              -  The Maze of Mormonism (religions)
                              -  The New Cults  (religions)

Martonfi, Donna - Up Hill Climb (bio/autobiography)

Maxwell, John C. - Developing the Leader Within You (ministry/ leadership)

Mayhall, Jack & Carole - Marriage Takes More than Love (relationships)

McBirnie, William Stewart  -   The Search for the Twelve Apostles (christology)

McClean, Gordon R. & Bowen, Haskell - High on the Campus (youth)

McDonnell, F & Akallo, G. - Girl Soldier (bio/autobiography)

McDowell, Josh  -  Guide to Understanding Your Bible  (bible study/ devotional)
                          -  More Than a Carpenter  (christology)
                          -  Evidence that Demands a Verdict (apologetics)
                          -  The Resurrection Factor (apologetics)
                           - The Life of Jesus (christology)

McDowell, Josh & Hostetler, Bob  -  Right From Wrong  (parenting)

McDowell, Josh & McDowell, Sean  -  The Unshakable Truth (apologetics)

McDowell, Josh & Stewart, Don  -  Answers (apologetics)
                                                    -  Reasons (apologetics)
                                                    -  Understanding the Cults (religions)

McGaw, Francis - Praying Hyde (prayer/spiritual warfare)

McGeady, Sister Mary Rose - God, Please Save Me (bio/autobiography)

McGovern, James - To Give the Love of Christ (bio/autobiography)

McKenna, David L.  -  The Jesus Model  (christology)

McKinnon, Monty - Money Management (health/ finances)

McLaughlin, Donna & Holland, Mary Ellen  -  The Way Home to the Father  (christian living)

McLellen, Vern  -  Shredded Wit  (inspirational)

McManus, Erwin R. - The Barbarian Way (christian living)

McMillen, S.I. - None of these Diseases (healing)

McPhee, Arthur G.  -  Travelling Light  (christian living)

McPherson, Miles - 21 Jump Start Devotional (bible study/ devotional)
                             - Parenting the Wild Child (parenting)

McQuaid, Elwood - Zvi (bio/autobiography)

Mead, Eleanor Tyler  -  Lay Up Your Treasures in Heaven (grief/ loss)

Meads, Kerry Cederburg & Smyth, Robert (ed.) - 15 Surefire Scripts (ministry/leadership)

Means, Marsha  -  Living with your Husband's Secret Wars  (women's issues)

Mehl, Ron  -  Metting God At a Dead End  (christian living)

Meisner, Audrey - On the Brink of Explosion (bio/autobiography)

Menconi, Peter et al -  Mondy: Handling the Bucks (financial)

Merrill, Dean & Grace - Together at Home (parenting)

Metaxas, Eric - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About God (apologetics)

Meyer, Joyce - Look Great Feel Great (christian living)
                       - Manageing Your Emotions (christian living)
                       - Power Thoughts (christian living)
                       - Healing the Brokenhearted (healing)

Michaelson, Johanna - The Beautiful Side of Evil (bio/autobiography)

Michels, Nancy  - Helping Women Recover from Abortion (healing)

Micklen, Nathaniel  -  The Creed of a Christian  (christology)

Miles, Herbert J. - The Dating Game (relationships)

Miller, Basil - George Muller: Man of Faith and Miracles (bio/autobiography)
                   - Martin Niemoeller (bio/autobiography)
                   -  Increase Sunday School Attendance  (ministry/ leadership)
                   -  10 Boys of the Bible Who Became Famous  (ministry/ leadership)

Miller, Calvin - Disarming the Darkness (prayer/ spiritual warfare)

Miller, June  -  Why Sink When You Can Swim?  (christian living)

Miller, Kathy C. & Miller D. Larry - God's Vitamin "C" for the Spirit (christian living)

Miller, Keith  -  The Taste of New Wine  (christian living)
                   - A Second Touch (christian living)

Mills, Dick  -  He Spoke and I Was Strengthened  (christian living) 

Minirth, Frank B.  & Meier, Paul D.  Happiness Is A Choice  (christian living) 

Minnery, Tom (ed) - Pornography a Human Tragedy (contemporary issues)

M'Intyre, D. M. - The Hidden Life of Prayer (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Moody, Rev. W. H. - Mountains, Miracles and Memories (bio/autobiography)

Moore, Arthur B. B.  -  Jesus Christ and the Christian Life (christology)

Moore, Barry  -  By the Foolishness of Preaching (ministry/ leadership)

Moore, Don & Dueck, Lorna  -  In Search of Hidden Heroes  (christian living)

Moore, John & Neff, Ken  -  A New Testament Blueprint for the Church  (ministry/ leadership)

Moore, Peter C.  -  Disarming the Secular Gods  (religions)

Morgan, Marabel  -  The Total Woman (women's issues)
                             -  The Electric Woman (women's issues)

Morgan, Robert J. - Then Sings My Soul: 150 of the World's Greatest Hymn Stories (praise & music)

Morris, Henry M. - The Twilight of Evolution (contemporary issues)

Mosley, Steven R.  -  A Tale of Three Virtues (christian living)

Mow, Anna  -  Your Child from Birth to Rebirth  (parenting)

Muggeridge, Malcolm - Something Beautiful for God (bio/autobiography)

Mullen, Tom - Where 2 or 3 are Gathered Together, Someone Spills His Milk (parenting)
                     -  Parables for Parents and Other Original Sinners (parenting)

Muller, George - Answers to Prayer (bio/autobiography)

Mumford, Bob - The King and You (bible study/devotional)
                         - Take Another Look at Guidance (christian living)
                         - 15 Steps Out (bible study/ devotional)
                         - Christ in Session (christology)

Munro, Dr. Myles - Prayer (prayer/ spiritual warfare)
                               - Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Murch, James et al (editors)  - Evangelical Sunday School Lesson Commentary (ministry/ leadership)

Murphy, Bob  -   Christianity Rubs Holes in My Religion (religions)

Murren, Doug  -  The Baby Boomerang  (ministry/leadership)

Murry, Andrew - Divine Healing (healing)
                         - Day by Day (bible study/ devotional)
                         - The Believer's Secret of Holiness (bible study/ devotional)
                         -  The Children for Christ  (parenting)
                         - With Christ in the School of Prayer (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                         - The Prayer Life (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                         - How to Raise Your Children for Christ (parenting)
                         - The New Life (christian living)
                         - The Reign of Love (christian living)
                         -  Working for God  (ministry/ leadership)
                         -   Not My Will (christian living)
                         -  Humility  (christian living)
                         -  Be Perfect  (christian living)

Murry, William J. - My Life Without God (bio/autobiography)


Narramore, Dr. Bruce - Adolescence is Not an Illness  (parenting)
                                   - Help!  I'm a Parent  (parenting)
                                  -  You're Someone Special (christian living)

Navigator Press  -  Bible Studies Handbook: Matthew (bible study/ devotional)
                            - Phillipians (bibles study/ devotional)

Ndakwe, Peter - Try the Spirits: Waging War Against the Spirits of Deception (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Nee, Watchman - The Release of the Spirit (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                          -  Not I But Christ (bible study/ devotional)
                          -  God's Work  (ministry/ leadership)
                          -  The Glorious Church (christology)
                          -  Spiritual Knowledge (christian living)
                          -  Assembling Together (christian living)
                          - The Spiritual Man Volumes 1-3 (christian living)
                           - Sit, Walk, Stand (bible study/ devotional)

Neff, Miriam  -  Discover Your Worth  (women's issues)

Neighborhood Bible Studies: 1 John & James  (bible study/devotional)
Neighborhood Bible Studies: Mark  (bible study/devotional)
Neighborhood Bible Studies: They Met Jesus  (bible study/devotional)
Neighborhood Bible Studies: Hebrews  (bible study/devotional)

Newton, John - Out of the Depths An Autobiography (bio/autobiography)

Northcott, Cecil - Angel of the Prisons: The Story of Elizabeth Fry (bio/autobiography)

Nygard, Rev. John - Beyond the Hammer and the Sword (bio/autobiography)

Nygard, Norman E. - Trumpet of Salvation (bio/autobiography)

Nyquist, James F. - Leading Bible Discussions (ministry/ leadership)


Offner, Hazel - The Fruit of the Spirit (bible study/ devotional)

Ogilvie, Lloyd John  -  Christian Comfort (grief/ loss)
                              -  The Presence of Peace  (inspirational)

Olema, Albert W. - From Sought to Seeker (bio/autobiography)

Olson, Bruce E - Bruchko (bio/autobiography)

Orr, William W.  -  How to Lead Young Children to Christ (ministry/ leadership)

Ortberg, John - Everybody's Normal Until You Get to Know Them (christian living)
                       - The Life You Always Wanted (christian living)

Orthlund, Anne  -  Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman (women's issues)

Ortiz, Juan Carlos  -  Disciple  (ministry/ leadership)

Osborn, T. L.  -  Soulwinning Out Where the Sinners Are (ministry/leadership)

Osteen, John H. - Pulling Down Strongholds (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Osteen, John T. - The Confessions of a Baptist Preacher (bio/autobiography)

Otis, George  -  The Blueprint  (contemporary issues)
                    -  Successful Living (christian living)
                    -  Peace, Power & Happiness (christian living)

Oursler, Fulton  -  The Greatest Story Ever Told  (inspirational)

Overton, James H. - Sermons from the Upper Room Chapel (bible study/devotional)


Palma, Anthony D.  -   Truth: Antidote for Error (bible study/ devotional)

Palmer, Parker J.  -  To Know as We Are Known  (ministry/ leadership)

Palms, Roger C. - Bible Readings on Hope (bible study/devotional)
                        -  God Guides Your Tomorrows  (christian living)

Parrott, Les - The Control Freak (christian living)

Parrott, Les & Leslie  -  A Good Friend  (inspirational)

Partner, Daniel - The Hymns We Love (praise)

Partow, Donna - Extracting the Precious from Nehemiah (bible study/ devotional)
                       - Extracting the Precious from Galations (bible study/ devotional)
                       - Extracting the Precious from II Corinthians (bible study/ devotional) 

Paulk, John & Anne - Love Won Out (bio/autobiography)

Paxson, Ruth  -  The Wealth, Walk and Warfare of the Christian (christian living)
                        - Life on the Highest Plane (bible study/ devotional)

Payne, Leanne  -   Real Presence: The Christian World View of CS Lewis ... (christian living)

Peale, Norman Vincent  -  The Complete Sayings of Jesus (christology)
                                  -  In God We Trust (christian living)

Pearson, Bob  -  Set Free to Learn (ministry/ leadership)

Percy, Douglas C. - Men With the Heart of a Viking (bio/autobiography)
                             - Stirrett of the Sudan (bio/autobiography)

Peterson, Gilbert A.  -  The Christian Education of Adults (ministry/ leadership)

Peterson, J. Allan - Conquering Family Stress (parenting)
                            - Two Become One (relationships)

Peterson, Eugene H. - A Long Obedience in the Same Direction (christian living)

Phelps, Austin - The Still Hour (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Phillips, Bob - In Search of Bible Trivia (bible study/devotional)

Phillips, Mike  - Blueprint for Raising a Child  (parenting)

Phillipps, Marilyn - An Alternative to Divorce (relationships)

Ping-wen, Shen - Chinese Communist Criminal Acts in Persecutions of Religions (bio/autobiography)

Pike, Eunice V. - Not Alone (bio/autobiography)
                        - An Uttermost Part (bio/autobiography)

Piper, Don - 90 Minutes in Heaven (bio/autobiography)

Pippert, Rebecca  -  Out of the Salt Shaker and Into the World (ministry/ leadership)

Plake, David & Roberta  -  The Ministry of Teaching (ministry/ leadership)

Plueddemann, Carol & Jim - Growing in Maturity: James (bible study/ devotional)

Plymire, David V. - High Adventure in Tibet (bio/autobiography)

Pointer, Cliff  -  A Collection of Poems  (inspirational)

Poling, David - Why Billy Graham? (bio/autobiography)

Pollock, Algernon J.  -  Things Which Must Shortly Come to Pass (prophesy)

Pollock, John - Billy Graham: The Authorized Biography (bio/autobiography)
                     - To All the Nations: The Billy Graham Story (bio/autobiography)

Popov, Haralan - Tortured for His Faith (bio/autobiography)

Popov, Ladin - The Man They Couldn't Break (bio/autobiography)

Powell, Graham & Shirley - Christian Set Yourself Fee (christian living)

Powell, John  -  Unconditional Love (christian living)

Prange, Erwin - A Time for Intercession (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Pratney, Winkie  -  Doorways to Discipleship  (ministry/leadership)
Price, Eugenia  -   Woman to Woman  (women's issues)
                        -  A Woman's Choice  (women's issues)
                         - Never a Dull Moment (youth)
                        - Find Out for Yourself (youth)
                        -  What Is God Like?  (christology)
                        -  Make Love Your Aim  (christian living)

Prince, Lydia - Appointment in Jerusalem (bio/autobiography)

Pritchard, M. C. -  Pebbles From the Brink (grief/ loss)

Prichard, Ray - FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About the Christian Life (apologetics)

Purdie, Dr. J.E. - What We Believe (bible study/devotional)

Pytches, Mary  -  Set My People Free (healing)


Raabe, Tom -  House of Cards: Hope for Gamblers and Their Families (christian living)

Rainey, Dennis & Barbara - Moments Together for Growing Closer to God (bible study/ devotional)

Ratz, Calvin C. - They Call Him Pastor Wheat (bio/autobiography)

Reapsom, James & Martha - Growing Through Life's Challenges (bible study/ devotional)

Redding, David A.  -  The Miracles of Christ (bible study/devotional)

Reese, Harold - Overcoming Financial Bondage (health/ finances)

Reimers, Al  -  God's Country (ministry/ leadership)

Reisser, Paul C.  et al  -  New Age Medicine  (religions)

Reno, Tosca  -  The Eat - Clean Diet  (health/ finances)

Rice, John R. - Prayer...Asking and Receiving (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Rice, Helen Steiner  -  Prayers and Meditations (bible study/devotional)
                             -  Somebody Loves You  (inspirational)

Richards, Larry - How Far Can I Go? (youth)
                         -  The Great Adventure (bible study/devotional)
                        -  Becoming One In the Spirit  (christian living)

Richards, Lawrence O.  -  A Theology of Childrens' Ministry (ministry/leadership)

Richmond, Gary - Successful Single Parenting (parenting)

Ridenour, Fritz - The Other Side of Morality (relationships)
                        -  Tell it Like it Is  (ministry/ leadership)
                       -  How to Decide What's Really Important (christian living)
                       -  How to Be A Christian In An Unchristian World (christian living)
                       -  How to Be a Christian Without Being Religious (christian living)

Rinker, Rosalind - Communicating Love through Prayer (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                           - Conversational Prayer: Open up to Living Faith (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                           - Praying Together (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                            - The Years that Count (youth)
                            - You Can Witness with Confidence (ministry/ leadership)

Roberts, Dana - Understangind Watchman Nee (bio/autobiography)

Roberts, Doug - To Adam With Love (relationships)

Roberts, Frances J.  -  Come Away My Beloved  (inspirational)

Robertson, Pat - Shout it from the Housetops (bio/autobiography)
                        -  The Christian Counsellor's Handbook (ministry/ leadership)

Robinson, Godfrey C. & Winward, Stephen F.  -  The Way (christian living)

Robinson, Virgil - William Booth and His Army (bio/autobiography)

Robley, Wendall & Grace  -  The Spirit Led Family  (parenting)

Robson, Williams - James Chalmers (bio/autobiography)

Roddy, Lee  -  Jesus  (christology)

Roels, Edwin - God Understands (bible study/ devotional)
                     -  Who Cares When I Hurt?  (grief/ loss)

Rogers, Dale Evans - The Woman At the Well (bio/autobiography)

Rogers, Henry J.  -  The Silent War (men's issues)

Roget, Peter Mark  -  Jesus Christ the Story of His Life  (christology)

Rolls, Charles J.  -  The World's Greatest Name (christology)
                          -  The Name Above Every Name (christology)
                          -  His Glorious Name (christology)
                           - Time's Noblest Name (christology)
                           -  The Indestructable Christ (christology)

Rosage, David - A Lenten Pilgrimage (bible study/ devotional)

Ross, Lanson  -  Take Charge of Your Life (christian living)

Rossi, Sanna Barlow - God's City in the Jungle (bio/autobiography)

Rovin, Jeff - Facinating Facts From the Bible (bible study/devotional)

Rowen, Dolores - Ways to Help them Learn  (ministry/leadership)

Rubietta, Jane  -  Quiet Places: A Woman's Guide to Personal Retreat  (women's issues)

Rutledge, Evelyn  -  Through Sorrow's Gates  (women's issues)


Sala, Harold J. - Train Up a Child and Be Glad You Did (parenting)
                        - They Shall Be One Flesh (relationships)

Salway, Owen - Bush Trails (bio/autobiography)

Sampson, Dr. Paul - Second Thoughts: Understanding the False Memory Crisis... (healing)

Sanders, J. Oswald - Spiritual Leadership (ministry/ leadership)
                            -  Facing Loneliness  (christian living)
                            -  Satan is No Myth (prayer/ spiritual warfare)

Sanford, Agnes - The Healing Gifts of the Spirit (healing)
                         - The Healing Power of the Bible (healing)
                         - The Healing Light (healing)

Sanford, John & Paula  -  The Elijah Task (prophesy)

Sanford, Ruth  -  Do You Feel Alone in the Spirit?  (women's issues)

Savara, Liberty S. - Shattering Your Strongholds (healing)

Scazzero, Peter - Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (healing)
                       - Emotionally Healthy Spirituality workbook (healing)

Schaeffer, Francis A.  -  No Little People (christian living)

Schaller, Lyle E. - 44 Ways to Increase Church Attendance (ministry/ leadership)

Scheck, Robert L. - Returning to Eden (relationships)

Schuller, Robert - The Be(Happy) Attitudes  (self help)

Schwambach, Stephen & Judith - For Lovers Only (relationships)

Scott, Kay - Sexual Assault: Will I Ever Feel Okay Again? (healing)

Scott, Steven K. - The Greatest Words Ever Spoken (bible study/ devotional)

Seamands, David A - Healing for Damaged Emotions (healings)

Seamands, John T.  -  Harvest of Humanity (ministry/ leadership)

Sears, William - Creative Parenting (parenting)
                       - Christian Parenting and Childcare (parenting)

Segler, Franklin M. - Christian Worship (praise/music)

Seim, Brian (complier)  -  Moved With Compassion  (christian living)

Sekowsky, JoAnne  -  A Christian Road Map for Women Traveling Alone (women's issues)

Self, Margaret M.  -  158 Things to Make (ministry/leadership)

Senft, Leonard - Pass the Potatoes Please (bio/autobiography)

Shah, Douglas  -  The Mediators  (religions)

Shaw, Gwen - Pour Out Your Heart (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Shaw, Jim & McKenny  -  The Deadly Deception  (religions)

Shea, George Beverly - Then Sings My Soul (bio/autobiography)

Shedd, Charlie - The Stork is Dead (youth)
                        - You Are Somebody Special (youth)
                        - Letters to Karen (relationships)
                        -  The Best Dad is a Good Lover (men's issues)

Sheely, Steve  -  Ice-breakers and Heart Warmers (ministry/leadership)

Sheets, Dutch - Intercessory Prayer (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                        - The River of God (Holy Spirit)

Sheikh, Bilquis - I Dared to Call Him Father (bio/autobiography)

Shepherd, Lorne - Raising Real Kids in an Unreal World (parenting)

Sherman, Dean - Spiritual Warfare (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Sherrill, John & Elizabeth - The Happiest People on Earth (bio/autobiography)
Simpson, Dr. Paul - Second Thoughts (healing)

Shnell, W. J. -  Thirty Years A Watch Tower Slave  (religions)

Shoemaker, Helen S.  - Prayer & Evangelism  (ministry/leadership)

Shoemaker, Sam  -  Extraordinary Living for Ordinary Men (men's issue)

Short, A. Rendell - The Diary of George Muller (bio/autobiography)

Shrier, John C. - Marriage Top Priority (relationships)

Shropshire, Marie - In Touch with God (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Sizemore, Finley H.  -  Suicide: The Signs and Solution  (christian living)

Silk, Danny - Culture of Honor (ministry/ leadership)

Sjokvist, Grace Evelyn - Annie (bio/autobiography)

Slaughter, Frank G. - God's Warrior (bio/autobiography)

Sloat, Donald E.  -  The Dangers of Growing Up in a Christian Home (parenting)

Smail, Thomas A.  -  The Forgotten Father (christology)

Smalley, Gary  -  If Only He Knew (relationships)
                       -  Winning Your Husband Back before it's Too Late  (women's issues)

Smalley, Gary & Trent, John  -  The Blessing (and the Workbook)  (christian living)

Smedes, Lewis B. - The Art of Forgiving (christian living)

Smith, Charles T.  -  Ways to Plan and Organize Your Sunday School (ministry/ leadership)

Smith, Hannah Whitall - Little Secrets for Happy Living (christian living)
                                  - The God of All Comfort (christian living)

Smith, Judah - Soul Seekers (ministry/leadership)

Smith, Michael W.  Chart Watch  (parenting)

Smith, Oswald J. - David Brainerd (bio/autobiography)
                           - The Work God Blesses (ministry/ leadership)
                           -  The Passion for Souls (ministry/leadership)

Smith, Paul B. - The Naked Truth (contemporary issues)

Smith, Tim - The Relaxed Parent (parenting)

Snowden, Rita - More Prayers for Women (devotional)

Sorge, Bob - Secrets of the Secret Place (christian living)

Sper, David (editor) - Jesus Blueprint for Prayer (bible study/devotional)
                                - How Can I be Filled with the Holy Spirit? (bible study/devotional)
                                - The Lord is My Shepherd (bible study/ devotional)

Spinnanger, Ruthe T. - Better Than Divorce (relationships)

Spittler, Russell P. - The Church (bible study/ devotional)
                           -  God the Father (bible study/ devotional)
                             - The Corinthian Correspondence (bible study/ devotional) 

Sproul, R.C. - Discovering the Intimate Marriage (relationships)

Stafford, Time - A Love Story (relationships)

Stalker, Thomas A.  -  The Life of Jesus Christ (christology)

Stanley, Andy - It Came From Within! The Shocking Truth of What Lurks in the Heart (healing)
                    - The Next Generation Leader (ministry/leadership)

Stanley, Charles - The Blessings of Brokeness (christian living)

Stanpill, Ira - This Side of Heaven (bio/autobiography)

Stapleton, Ruth Carter - The Gift of Inner Healing (healing)

Stedman, Ray - Adventuring Through Matthew, Mark & Luke (bible study/ devotional)
                       - Adventuring Through Isaiah, Jeremiah & Lamentations (bible study/devotional)
                       - Adventuring Through Joshua, Judges & Ruth (bible study/ devotional)

Stepanek, Mattie J. T.  -  Journey Through Heartsongs  (inspirational)

Stiller, Brian  -  A Generation Under Siege  (parenting)

Stott, John - Sermon on the Mount (bible study/ devotional)

Stratford, Lauren - Satan's Underground: The Extraordinary Story of One Woman's Escape (bio/autobiography)

Strahan, James - The Marechale (bio/autobiography)

Strobel, Lee  -  The Case for Christ (apologetics)
                      - The Case for Faith (apologetics)

Strober, Gerald S. - Graham: A Day in Billy's Life (bio/autobiography) 

Sturgeon, Chuck  -  Train Up a Child  (parenting)

Summers, Bob  -  Out Back With Jesus (christian living)

Swan, Monte - Romancing Your Child's Heart (parenting)

Swain, Ruth - Why Do We Pray? (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Swihart, Judson J. - How Do You Say I Love You? (relationships)

Swilley, Biship Jim - A Year In the Now (bible study/ devotional)

Swindoll, Charles - Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life (bible study/ devotional)
                            -  Jesus, Our Lord (bible study/ devotional)
                            -  A Man of Selfless Dedication: Moses  (bible study/ devotional)
                            - You and Your Child  (parenting)
                             - The Strength of an Exacting Passion (bible study/ devotional)
                             - Living Above the Level of Mediocrity (christian living)
                             - Living Beyond the Daily Grind (Book II) (christian living)
                             - Dropping Your Guard (christian living) 
                             - Start Where You Are (christian living)
                              - Three Steps Forward Two Steps Back (christian living)
                             - Strike the Original Match (relationships)
                             - Hand Me Another Brick (ministry/leadership)
                            -  Starting Over  (grief/ loss)
                            -  The Grace Awakening (christian living)
                            -  Victory  (christian living)
                            -  Strengthening Your Grip (christian living)
                           -  Celebrating Life  (christian living)

Swindoll, Luci - Celebrating Life  (self help)


Tada, Joni Eareckson  -  Secret Strength  (bible study/ devotional)

Taylor, Charles R.  -  World War III and the Destiny of America (prophesy)

Taylor, Dr. & Mrs. - Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret  (christian living)

Taylor, Kenneth N.  -  A Living Letter for the Children's Hour  (parenting)

Telchin, Stan - Betrayed (bio/autobiography)

Tengbom, Mildred - Table Prayers (prayer/spiritual warfare)

TenBoom, Corrie - Prison Letters (bio/autobiography)
                            - Tramp for the Lord (bio/autobiography)
                            - In My Father's House (bio/autobiography)
                            - Not Good if Detached (bio/autobiography)
                            - A Prisoner and Yet (bio/autobiography)

Tenny, Tommy - God's Favorite House (ministry/ leadership)

Thieme, R. B.  -  Right Man Right Woman (relationships)

Thomas, Gordon  -  The Trial  (christology)

Thomas, Terry C.  -  At Least We Were Married (grief/ loss)

Thompson, Phyllis - Life and Death in Mozambique (bio/autobiography)

Toews, Margaret Penner  -  Five Loaves and Two Small Fish  (inspirational)

Tomczak, Larry - Straightforward: Why Wait Until Marriage? (relationships)

Tompkins, Iverna  -  How to be Happy in No Man's Land  (women's issues) 
                            - How to Live With Kids and Enjoy It (parenting)

Torrey, R.A. - How to Pray (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                    - The Power of Prayer and the Prayer of Power (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                    -  How to Study the Bible (bible study/devotional)
                    -  The New Topical Textbook  (ministry/ leadership)
                    -  Person Work Part I of How to Work for Christ (ministry/ leadership)

Towns, James E.  -  Faith Stronger Than Death (grief/ loss)

Townsend, Anne J.  -  Suffering Without Pretending  (grief/ loss)

Tozer, A. W.  -  Born After Midnight (christian living)
                    - The Best of A.W. Tozer (christian living)
                    -  A Treasury of A.W. Tozer (christian living)
                    -  Gems from Tozer (christian living)

Traylor, Ellen G - John Son of Thunder (bio/autobiography)

Trumbell, Charles G.  -  Taking Men Alive (ministry/leadership)

Twersky, Abraham J.  -  Caution: Kindess Can be Dangerous to the Alcoholic (contemporary issues)

Tyson, Basil  -  UFO's Satanic Terror (religions)


Upton, George - The Miracle of Mozambique (bio/autobiography)
                        - My Search for Reality (bio/autobiography)
                        - Pioneer of the North (bio/autobiography)

Vander Lugt, Herbert  -  The Art of Growing Old  (christian living)

VanGinkel, Aileen  -  Shaping a Christian Vision for Canada (prophesy)

Van Wade, David & Sarah  -  Second Chance (relatioships)

Varney, Dr. Tom - Loneliness (bible study/devotional)

Veerman, Dave - How to Apply the Bible (bible study/ devotional)

Verrier, Nancy Newton - The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child (healing)

Vertefeuille, John - Sexual Chaos  (relationships)

Viczeveno, H. S.  -  Jesus the Revolutionary  (christology)

Vins, Georgie - Testament from Prison (bio/autobiography)

Visser't Hooft, W. A.  -  The Kingship of Christ (christology)


Waffle, Scott D. - His Tender Grapes (bio/autobiography)

Wagner, C. Peter - Churches that Pray (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                            - Warfare Prayer (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                            -  On the Crest of the Wave (ministry/leadership)
                           - Breaking Strongholds in Your City (prayer/ spiritual warfare)

Wangerin, Walter Jr - The Book of Genesis (bible study/ devotional)

Walker, Georgiana  -  The Celebration Book: Fun Things to do with your family all year round 

Walker, James - Husbands Who Won't Lead and Wives Who Won't Follow (relationships)

Walker, Laura Jensen - Dated Jekyll; Married Hyde (relationships)

Wallis, Arthur - Pray in the Spirit (prayer/spiritual warfare)
                      - God's Chosen Fast (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Wallis, Ethel Emily & Bennett, Mary Angela - Two Thousand Tongues to Go (bio/autobiography)

Walsh, Sheila  -  Honestly  (christian living)

Ward, Bernard - Healing Foods from the Bible (healing)

Ward, C. M.  -  I Will Guide Thee  (christian living)

Warner, Gary - Competition (parenting)

Warren, Bernard A.  -  The Blood of Jesus (christology)

Warren, Rick - The Purpose Driven Church (ministry/leadership)
                    - The Purpose Driven Life (christian living)

Watchman, Nee - Spiritual Knowledge (self help)

Watters, Stephen O.  -  Overcoming Internet Addictions (contemporary issues)

Webber, Robert E. - Common Roots (ministry/ leadership)

Weiss, G. Christian  -  What You Should Know About Bible Translations (contemporary issues)

Weldon, John & Levitt, Zola - Encounters with UFO's (religions)

Wells, David  -  What I See  (christian living)

Wellwer, Dotsey  -  Lord, Why Do They Always Want HotDogs?  (women's issues)

West, Jack - From Log Cabin to Pulpit (bio/autobiography)

Wheat, Ed & Wheat, Gaye - Intended for Pleasure (relationships)

White, Glen E.  -  Of the Something More (prophesy)

White, John  -  Changing On the Inside (christian living)
                   -  The Fight  (christian living)
                   - Daring to Draw Near (prayer/spiritual warfare)

White, John Wesley  -  The Mysteries of the Kingdome (bible study/ devotional)
                                 -  WWIII (prophesy)
                                  -  The Coming World Dictator (prophesy)
                                 -  Arming for Armageddon (prophesy)
                                  -  Re-entry (prophesy)
                                   -  Twelve Basketsful (ministry/leadership)
                                  -  Of Wheels and Wings (grief/ loss)

White, Kathleen - Joni Eareckson-Tada (bio/autobiography)
                          - Jim Elliot (bio/autobiography)
                          - Amy Carmichael (bio/autobiography)

White, Mary - Successful Family Devotions (parenting)

White, Mel  -  Decieved (religions)

White, Ruth  -  Be the Woman You Want to Be  (woman's issues)

White, Thomas - The Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfare (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Wiederkeher, Macrina - Seasons of Your Heart: Prayers and Reflections (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Wiersbe, Warren  -  God Isn't In A Hurry  (christian living)
                         -  Key Words Of the Christian Life  (christian living)

Wiese, Bennard & Steinmetz, Urban  -  Everything you Need to Know to Stay Married and Like It

Wiess, G. Christian - What You Should Know about Bible Translations (contemporary issues)

Wilcox, Anne - Your God, My God: A Women's Workshop on Ruth (bible study/ devotional)

Wilkinson, Bruce  -  Secrets of the Vine (bible study/ devotional)
                            -  The Prayer of Jabez  (bible study/ devotional)

Wilkerson, David - Parents On Trial (parenting)
                            - Get Your Hands Off My Throat (youth)
                             -  Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth (bible study/ devotional)
                           -  The Little People  (christian living)

Williams, Hubert - Robert Moffat: The Story of a Great Missionary (bio/autobiography)

Williams, John Alden -  Islam (religions)

Williams, Pattie  -  Husbands!  For Wives Only  (women's issues)

Williamson, Marianne  -  The Gift of Change  (christian living)

Willis, Wesley R.  -  Developing the Teacher in You  (ministry/ leadership)

Wilson, Bill  -   Whose Child is This?  (ministry/ leadership)

Wilson, Clifford  -  Jesus the Teacher (christology)

Wilson, Dorothy Clarke - Take My Hands (bio/autobiography)

Wilson, Gerald B.  -  The Arts of Family Living (parenting)
                             - Teenage Sexuality: God's Design for Youth (youth) 

Winter, David - How to Walk with God (bible study/ devotional)

Winward, Irene Snell - Visiting the Churches (bio/autobiography)

Winward, Stephan - How to Talk with God (prayer/spiritual warfare)

Wirt, Sherwood Eliot - A Thirst for God (bible study/devotional)

Wise, Karen - God Knows I Won't be Fat Again (health/ finances)

Womak, David A. - Alive in Christ (christian living)

Wood, Nathan R.  -  The Open Secret of Christianity  (christian living)

Woodrow, Ralph  -  Woman's Adornment:  What Does the Bible Really Say?  (women's issues)

Worchester, Mrs. J. H. - David Livingstone: First to Cross Africa with the Gospel (bio/autobiography)

World Wide Publication  -  Discovery 2  (bible study/devotional)

Wright, H. Norman  -  Questions Women Ask in Private  (women's issues)
                                -  Ways to Help Them Learn (ministry/leadership)
                                - The Secrets of a Lasting Marriage (relationships)

Wright, Linda - Raising Children (parenting)

Wurmbrand, Richard - Sermons in Solitary Confinement (bio/autobiography)
                                 - Tortured for Christ (bio/autobiography)

Wurmbrand, Sabina - The Pastor's Wife (bio/autobiography)

Wyatt, Thomas - Out from the Past (healing)

Wyden, Peter & Barbara - Growing up Straight (contemporary issues)

Wylie, Betty Jane  -  The Book of Matthew  (parenting)


Yancey, Phillip - Where is God When it Hurts? (christian living)
                      -  Disappointment With God  (christian living)
                       - Church: Why Bother? My Personal Pilgrimmage (bio/autobiography)
                      - What's So Amazing About Grace (Including Study Guide) (christian living)

Yohannan, K. P. - No Longer a Slumdog (bio/autobiography)

Young, Wm. Paul - The Shack (inspirational)

Ziglar, Zig - Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World (parenting)
               -  Confessions of a Happy Christian  (christian living)

Compilations/ Anthologies

101 Ideas that Work  (ministry/leadership)

Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul  (woman's issues)

Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul (self help)

Chicken Soup for the Christian Family Soul (self help)

A 2nd Helping of chicken Soup for the Soul (self help)

Crossroads Ministries  Prayers that Avail Much for Mother's (women's issues)
                                    God's Gift For Mothers (women's issues)

Day Unto Day Year One - Summer (bible study/ devotional)
Day Unto Day Year One - Winter (bible study/ devotional)

The Encyclopedia of Christian Marriage (relationships)

God So Loved the World that He Created Chocolate (bible study/ devotional)

Grand Old Hymns

The Great Controversy Ended

Guideposts  -  The Guideposts Treasury of Love

Hallmark Cards  -  "God Is Love"
HiTeen Student: This Little (?) Light of Mine (youth)

The Indigenous Church  (ministry/leadership)

Light for My Path: For Women (women's issues)

LivingBooks - The Book of God's Promises (bible study/ devotional)

The Marraige Course (Manual)

Navpress - Phillipians (bible study/ devotional)
                - Stress: Letting go and Letting God (christian living)

Word Ministries Inc. -  Prayers that Avail Much (prayer/spiritual warfare)